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Sustainable Journey Assistant

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world by the revenue it generates. As technology advances the opportunities, advancement, and challenges increase multifold in the industry across the globe. .Traffic jams and congestion each year costs the world economy over a trillion dollar Engine Idling in jams contribute to harmful particle emissions that also get concentrated more near the location . Besides, The vehicles of today and the future require highly versatile onboard diagnostic systems that can detect and recognize errors and possible malfunctions. There is a huge demand for new and improved solutions that can help achieve this. Our goal is to create an IoT solution, which displays different methods of transportation, calculates their carbon emissions, and recommends the most eco-friendly routes – all in one application. With a touch of a button, commuters will get the chance to make smarter and more sustainable decisions when it comes to their travel journey. We aim to connect different modes of transportation in one app as a connected ecosystem and calculate carbon footprint based on the transportation journey. Using this we educate consumers on what their carbon footprint means and empower them to change towards more sustainable habits and enable payments towards different modes of transportation to happen seamlessly in one app. For the diagnostics section 3D Model of the car will have multiple points on it which will get highlighted based on the fault so as for the user to understand it. Historical data of users and the fault they faced will be stored using their consent which will help the future users .Helpers would be incentivized using reward system and with growing users the proximity of a user helping a stuck car would increase. While the car enters an area with low connectivity , it would prompt the user to download the essential data for offline use. We offer On Board Diagnostics Scanner to our user for FREE so that errors can be found more frequently. The idea is convert empathy into actions.Our app would arrive at various results and then convert it into actions.The first one being the speed optimizer.Traffic jams and congestion each year costs over a trillion dollar.Engine Idling in jams contribute harmful particle emissions.The app which would display an "IDEAL SPEED" for the vehicle(from varios factors) ,driving at which the driver won’t face any traffic jam thus preventing engine idling, less pollution and preventing mental stress.The app would take data like car’s speed,nearest jam/congestion using location data etc,keep updating itself on user actions.Further,our common payment plan linking public and private transportation on pay-later cycle gives user insights where he could save money,carbonfootprints and empathise on issue. The app arrives at meaningful facts to which user can act on to.It connects the user on points like lessening car congestions , car pooling etc.The cost of wasted fuel can add up to $70-650 a year, depending on fuel prices, idling habits and vehicle type).Idling actually increases overall engine wear by causing the car to operate for longer than necessary.For every 10 minutes our engine is off, we prevent one pound of carbon dioxide from being released (carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming) 11 million tons of carbon dioxide, 55,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 400 tons of particulate matter are emitted into the environment from heavy-duty truck idling during rest periods.Emissions from engine idling are contributing to climate change and impacting air quality, which pose negative health risks for everyone. We introduce a “Pay Later” feature in the app where the user can sync all his transportation modes and we suggest methods to lessen the monthly cost based on the use pattern and where the person could have improved by adhering to the suggestions like car pooling , public transports etc. The user does the payment on a 15 Day cycle and we provide insights to the user based on his use and suggest the methods of lessening the carbon footprint. Further, if the user obeys the tips and suggestion , we reward him/her with third party offers/coupons .Revenue generation can be made at this node by partnering with brands on this.Further, our common payment plan linking public and private transportation on pay-later cycle gives user insights where he could save money , carbon footprints and empathize on issue. We can provide the Convenience of 1-Tap Check Out and give analysis to the users on their usage .

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