DivineDialogue chat with the bible

Created by team Nexgen creative minds on December 21, 2023

DivineDialogue: Where Faith Meets Technology, Breaking Barriers for All The Problem: Navigating the complexities of the Bible and Christian faith can be challenging, especially for those with visual impairments and literacy difficulties. Traditional methods often rely heavily on sight, leaving many yearning for a more accessible way to explore and learn. The Solution: DivineDialogue rises to the challenge, bridging the gap between faith and technology. This AI-powered chatbot serves as your personal guide, answering any question you throw at it, from scripture analysis to historical context. Access it through the familiar comfort of text, your favorite messaging apps like (Telegram, Facebook etc), or even through the power of your voice through DivineDialogue APP that supports both voice conversation and text-based conversation. Achievements We have bridged faith and technology with a working prototype: We have built a FastAPI server powered by Gemini's AI chat feature that connects seamlessly to React Native and Telegram the social media platform we are using for testing, and soon, voice chat will join the chorus, making scripture accessible to all, especially the visually impaired. Our mission continues as we build towards a future where faith speaks for itself.

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