Created by team Les CRACKS on March 03, 2023

Website that summarises terms of services and help the user in his quest to The website idea is to simplify the overwhelming and confusing task of reading lengthy terms of service agreements that accompany most websites. The website will allow users to enter the URL of a website, and the platform will then provide a summarized version of the website's terms of service agreement. The summarized version will highlight the most important points and rules that users need to be aware of. This will help users to understand the terms of service quickly and easily, without having to read through pages of legal jargon. Many people are often unaware of the rules they agree to when using a website, and this can lead to problems later on. With this website, users will have a better understanding of the rules they are agreeing to, and they can make informed decisions about their online activities. The website will be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to access the information they need. The platform will also have a database of popular websites, so users can quickly find the terms of service agreements they need to read. In summary, the website idea is to simplify the process of reading terms of service agreements for websites, providing users with important information and helping them to make informed decisions.

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