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Created by team Gomma on July 09, 2023

Judgy is an AI-powered platform that assists hackathon judging by leveraging AI. It addresses the challenges of time-consuming evaluation, missed high-potential ideas, limited market knowledge, and inadequate code assessment. Judy achieves this by providing the following features using AI agents. Market Research Agent: Uses the project description to ask predefined questions about the idea, providing quick insights into its potential based on factors like target market size, uniqueness, and existing solutions. Code Analysis Agent: Thoroughly scans the codebase to check adherence to hackathon rules, assess code quality, and identify the technologies employed, enabling judges to understand the project's technical implementation. Chat Agent: Offers an interactive chat session where judges can ask questions and engage in a conversation. It combines knowledge from the code analysis and market research agents to provide comprehensive information and clarifications. Search Agent: Incorporates semantic search functionality to facilitate efficient project discovery. Judges can perform searches using plain English queries, allowing them to locate relevant projects based on specific criteria, even with a large number of submissions. The backend is using the following technologies: FastAPI MongoDB Google Vertex AI LangChain The frontend is using the following technologies: SvelteJS Tailwind CSS

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"The project is exceptionally well-done, with an excellent presentation that successfully combines elements of fun and seriousness. It's impressive to see the implementation of various ideas within the project! I'm excited to see what the future holds for Judgy. Keep up the great work!"


Skander Karoui

Data Science and AI enthusiast || ICT Engineer

""Judgy" presents an innovative approach to streamlining the hackathon judging process by addressing known challenges via AI-based agents. It is well-structured, addressing market research, code analysis, interactive chat, and semantic search features. The use of modern backend and frontend technologies, like FastAPI, MongoDB, Google Vertex AI, LangChain, SvelteJS, and Tailwind CSS, reflects a good understanding of current trends and technology applicability. (Review generated by Judgy AI itself) Amazing work guys "


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"great work and excellent idea, keep going and make it real"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor