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Created by team Slide Deck AI on August 27, 2023

We often spend a lot of time to create presentation slide decks. Although AI can help us with generating content, it requires several additional works, and often software permissions, to actually generate a slide deck based on such content. With SlideDeck AI, users and generative AI co-create a presentation slide deck in a few steps. Users begin by describing the topic of their presentation, based on which the contents/outlines of the slides are generated. Subsequently, the natural language contents are converted into structured JSON data. In the next step, a PowerPoint slide deck is created based on the JSON data. In addition, SlideDeck AI goes beyond the basic functionality to further help the users. First, it retrieves helpful resources on the topic from the Web and presents them to the users for further study. Second, it also generates a concept art on the topic that might be used in the presentation. With SlideDeck AI, users can gain a productivity boost by co-creating with AI.

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"Very nice presentation but missing key information such as market need, why this solution is unique over other presentation deck generators. The UI is very easy to use and clean. This is good use of technology but is not a Clarifai application - it appears to be a streamlit app, hosted on hugging face using clarifai models. "


Claudia Ziegler

"Love the presentation and the detailed explaination. Would be also great if you could have covered how this compares to the existing Slide Creation Apps. But can't wait to see how you improve building on this. All the best"


Sumanth Papareddy

ML Developer Advocate