Neurolitiks Public Policies SOP with AI agents

Created by team Hadox Human Networks on August 28, 2023

Neurolitiks isn't just another tool in the policy-making arsenal; it's a revolution. Imagine the daunting challenge public policy makers face daily: they're swamped with mountains of data, yet often find themselves navigating through fog when making critical decisions. This is where we come in. Our platform uses a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Expert.ia, OpenAI, Lang Chain, and Neo4j databases. One of our latest integrations is with Llama 2, an advanced machine learning model. This inclusion takes our data analytics and interpretation to another level, enabling more nuanced understandings of complex issues and faster response times. It allows us to sift through the noise and find the signals that are often invisible or incomprehensible without a powerful analytical lens. So, why is it crucial to have multiple AI capabilities? In the realm of public policy-making, problems are multifaceted and interconnected. Single-layer analysis often falls short in capturing the complexity of societal issues. Multiple AI technologies provide a multi-dimensional, more holistic view, enabling us to tackle questions from different angles and dimensions. It allows us to be incredibly precise in understanding historical patterns, detecting real-time changes, and making future projections. As we initially focus on the U.S. health and education sectors—targeting a $1.8 million market segment within a broader $100 million market—we're offering not just another analytics tool but an intelligent agent for transformative change. The combination of high-end databases and various AI models equips us to process and understand data at an unprecedented scale and complexity. With this arsenal, we're empowering public policy makers to make informed, effective, and impactful decisions like never before. Our goal is not just to provide information but to offer wisdom—turning data into actionable insights that can genuinely make a difference in people's lives.

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"Demo is not functioning at all, as of 6:19 AM (EDT timezone) Friday, September 1st. Github repository does not provide any README file on how to start the app. Cannot validate that app is working/not working. Presentation mostly consists of slides with a wall of text. Presentation slide is meant to present specific topic, not provide a part of article/post that you would like to share with the audience. Text should be secondary in the presentation. Demo in the presentation was provided using Spanish language. As I cannot understand it, I cannot evaluate if the responses was good enough, and as I cannot access the app I cannot evaluate with my own requests. Business value is good, but have limited market. The reach to target audience will be hard as governmental institutions are known for accepting new technologies very carefully, which will require to go through their processes. Originality of idea is good and I don't think there's any solution like this on the market."


Nikita Ladyzhnikov

Lead Frontend Engineer @ Clarifai