Echo Ai

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Created by team Hacktolive on August 21, 2023

Introducing Echo Ai: Revolutionise the way you approach meetings. Transcript Transformation with Autonomous Agents: Echo Ai redefines meeting transcripts. By employing cutting-edge autonomous agents, it doesn't just capture words; it deciphers the essence of discussions in real-time. Say goodbye to passive transcripts and welcome a dynamic understanding of your meetings. Organised Task Lists: No more post-meeting confusion about who's responsible for what. Echo Ai seamlessly organizes tasks discussed during the meeting, simplifying task delegation and tracking progress. Brief for Absentees: Team members who missed the meeting? Echo Ai has their back. It generates personalized overviews, ensuring that absentees remain informed without wading through lengthy transcripts. Actionable Follow-Up Suggestions: Keeping the momentum after a meeting is crucial. Echo Ai offers actionable follow-up suggestions, from crafting the perfect email to prioritizing tasks and scheduling follow-up meetings. Elevate your post-meeting efficiency. Curated Resources: Need to delve deeper into a discussed topic? Echo Ai provides curated resources, including links to insightful articles, best practices, and relevant case studies so that you always have the latest information when given the mic to present. Effortless Summaries: Condensing hours of dialogue into clear and concise summaries is now effortless. Echo Ai distils key takeaways, enabling you to grasp the heart of the meeting in a fraction of the time.

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