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Created by team Kirto in Event on May 01, 2024

Podcasts are the new beat of today's fast-moving world, lighting up daily commutes and street walks with bursts of creativity. As we edge closer to an era of customization, there emerges a pressing need for a personal podcast generator. Today, podcast apps are witnessing explosive growth in user engagement, yet listeners often find themselves wading through content in hopes of discovering episodes that resonate. Thanks to modern technology, AI now has the capability to tailor content to individual interests or transform complex concepts into engaging narratives. Our innovative platform isn’t just a tool; it’s your creative partner in the podcasting journey. Harnessing OpenAI's latest text-to-speech models, we offer unparalleled clarity and emotion in every episode. We've also developed a multi-agent system that enhances the creativity and groundedness of the content, ensuring each podcast episode is both innovative and reliable. Additionally, our platform features a unique framework that seamlessly integrates music with vocal tracks, enhancing the narrative experience and allowing users to truly feel the story told by a symphony of collaborative agents. By embedding the entirety of the English Wikipedia using advanced semantic search technologies, we provide useful context that enriches the podcast content, transforming each episode into a learning experience uniquely tailored to each listener. Our early evaluations, conducted using Trulens, indicate promising results, showcasing our platform’s potential to revolutionize how podcasts are created and consumed. With us, you're not just listening to a podcast; you're experiencing a performance designed to educate, entertain, and inspire growth.

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