fAIble bud - Alexa Skill Smart Speaker Voice App

Created by team dadota on July 29, 2023

fAIble bud is an innovative Alexa Skill designed to generate custom fables for children, based on a selected moral or lesson. It employs ElevenLabs technology to offer high-quality AI-generated voice narration. This tool aims to address various issues such as busy parents unable to read to their kids, excessive screen time, lack of moral education, and impersonal audiobooks.  Some key benefits of fAIble bud include the ability for kids to learn through storytelling, availability across the wide Alexa ecosystem, and personalized, familiar narration thanks to ElevenLabs' cloned voice technology.  Its features include up to seven different voices to prevent boredom, speed-optimized audio output and Fable generation for Alexa devices, cloned voice demos, and the ability to create on-demand fables with specified morals. The user-friendly system allows for fable generation through any Alexa-enabled device. The market potential for fAIble bud is immense, given Alexa's widespread distribution across 42 countries in 8 different languages, and the installed base of over 100 million devices. Furthermore, seamless integration with Amazon accounts for billing and subscription management enhances user convenience. It can also serve as a bedtime story tool, reminiscent of Alexa's highly profitable sleep sounds skill.

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"Great job, team! I can envision a great future for this project, especially because kids can create their own stories and keep following their heroes using the Garden storage. I love the presentation and the way you put everything together in a very concise way. Good luck in your future endeavors!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green

"Wow, firstly integrating Alexa with ElevenLabs is quite challenging but you all damage to pull this of despite a short time. Moreover, the business market is huge but when it comes to revenue model, more could be done other presentation and code are well formatted as well documented. Great Job! "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer