Voice Assistant for System Automation

Created by team AI enthusiast on July 01, 2024

a long description about your idea Overview: The voice assistant project aims to automate system operations using voice commands. This project allows users to control their system or laptop without physical interaction, enhancing productivity and accessibility. Implementation: Voice Command Recognition: The system listens for voice commands using a microphone. Recognizes and converts voice commands to text using Google's speech recognition API. Processing Commands: Matches keyword from user command. Executes the corresponding Python code to perform the task. Example Commands: Get weather Info Email Sending Play Music Open YouTube Search error on Stackoverflow

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"excellent work. great ppt and demo video. keep working on it, add some features and more capabilities to this voice assistant to increase its power for better work integration or even daily life integration. don't give up on it"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"Clearly, the Synapse Copilot is not used. Presentation could be improved from the business side and the video is way past the 5 mins margin. Please follow to the rules. But still you have a long way to go and all the best. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

ML Engineer