Visage du Benin Nùɖúɖú

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Created by team DrAgons on May 15, 2024

Nùɖúɖú is a chatbot built for anyone interested in exploring and enjoying the rich culinary heritage of Benin. It offers speech to image as well as text to image generation about the local food of Benin (Atassi, Amiwo). the aims: Dish Visualization: Provide users with an authentic platform to unleash their creativity and showcase their culinary ideas by accurately generating images of local dishes through AI technology. Recipe Sharing: Provide users with authentic recipes for traditional Beninese dishes, complete with cooking tips and ingredient lists. Cultural Education: Educate users about the history and cultural significance of various Beninese foods, connecting culinary practices with local traditions and festivals. Restaurant Recommendations: Suggest local or international restaurants that serve Beninese cuisine, potentially integrating location-based services to direct users to nearby dining options. Language Integration: Help non-native speakers learn culinary-related terms and phrases in local languages such as Fon or Yoruba, enhancing their dining and cooking experiences. Traduction of foreign languages to local language especially "fon" This app help people to visualize any videos in any domain (Agriculture, culture, tourisme, education, news, etc.) and add the subtitles in fon. The ideas is that people will be watching a video in English for instance and have the subtitles in fon. It will then solve issues related to language barriers.

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"The app’s focus on Beninese cuisine and local languages is good idea. However, refining the user experience and ensuring seamless integration of translation and culinary features will be crucial. It’s a promising idea with great potential if executed well."


Ismail Ahmed