Your Friendly Diet Companion by Team Promptistics

Created by team Promptistics on March 16, 2024

Powered by Anthropic Opus model, Your Friendly Diet Companion is designed for YOU. Simply chat with the app to get customized meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and fitness tips tailored to your unique needs. Unlike traditional diet apps, our generative AI model continually learns about your preferences, health requirements, lifestyle and more to provide increasingly personalized support. No more one-size-fits all diets! This AI-powered app feels like your own virtual health coach and nutritionist in your pocket! Get ready to achieve your personal health and fitness goals with sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle changes with your new Friendly Diet Companion. ​

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"Good tech, clear presentation (a bit too long), good business value but very crowded space."


Luigi Pedace


"I like the idea, the introduction of proper dietary plans might be a nice little feature to add. But i like the implementation in general too. Just the presentation could be shorter guys"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor