Created by team Change Makers on June 22, 2023

Visual Q&A for Monday.com is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to elevate project management and team productivity by analyzing task-related images and providing visual question answering. It integrates seamlessly with Monday.com, adding an extra layer of intelligence to this already robust platform. Harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce's state-of-the-art visual question-answering model, Blip, this tool allows teams to ask specific, targeted questions about visual content related to their tasks and get instant, automated responses based on an AI-powered analysis. For instance, in a construction project, photos documenting progress are often critical. With Visual Q&A, project managers can automatically analyze these images by asking questions like "Is the wall painted evenly?" or "Are the tiles laid correctly?" The AI model then scans the uploaded images and provides an answer, flagging potential issues and allowing teams to address them promptly. This drastically reduces the time required for manual checking and provides an efficient tool for quality control. In a marketing context, the tool becomes even more powerful. It can analyze design drafts, advertisement images, or campaign graphics and answer queries about specific elements. Questions like "Is the company logo clearly visible in the advertisement?" or "Does the advertisement contain any text in red?" can be answered rapidly, making it a valuable tool for ensuring brand consistency and meeting design specifications. But the applications of Visual Q&A for Monday.com extend far beyond these examples. Whether it's a retail company needing to confirm if their products are displayed correctly in a store, a manufacturer checking if a machine part has been installed correctly through images, or a software company verifying the presence of specific elements in their UI/UX, Visual Q&A can provide quick and reliable answers, streamlining the task management process.

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