Polisplex Gen AI for Decoding Complex Cities

Created by team Hadox Human Networks on August 25, 2023

Polisplexity is a groundbreaking platform focused on redefining how we understand and manage cities using open generative AI, code simulations, Virtual Reality (VR), and mathematical models. The platform excels at capturing the complexity of modern cities, which includes not only urban infrastructure but also social networks, culture, and human behavior. Our core technology leverages open generative AI to create smart agents that mimic real-world behaviors. These agents populate our code simulations, offering dynamic, insightful models of city environments. Mathematical models add structural integrity to these simulations, increasing their accuracy and predictive power. VR enhances the user experience by offering an immersive journey through these data-driven city models. Financially, Polisplexity is well-positioned in the market. We estimate a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $4 billion and a near-term Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of $16 million. Our business model includes a multi-tier subscription service catering to different stakeholders, such as planners, policymakers, and researchers, along with customized consultancy services. The societal implications of Polisplexity are significant. As cities continue to grow, so does the stress on infrastructure, social systems, and resources. Polisplexity helps mitigate these challenges by enabling accurate, data-driven policy and planning. This contributes to more sustainable resource allocation and improved quality of life. The platform also fosters social inclusion, effective governance, and cultural integration. In essence, Polisplexity aims not just to optimize cities but to make them better, more humane places to live.

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