Second Opinion Assistant by Epoch Aid

Created by team Paralegal on July 01, 2024

Second Opinion Assistant (SOA) by Epoch Aid leverages advanced AI to revolutionize legal support. The project was inspired by two key observations: (1) the struggle of low-budget individuals and often without clear understanding of legal jargon to navigate vast legal resources available on public database such as online; and (2) the challenge for legal professionals and those working in regulated industries to stay updated on specific statutes and regulations. SOA's primary goal is to become a trusted companion for laypersons and legal experts alike. By deploying cutting-edge machine learning tools, SOA’s AI-powered engine provides comprehensive insights tailored to user queries, simplifies complex legal concepts for the public and offers nuanced analysis for professionals. Future updates will significantly expand SOA's capabilities. The first planned enhancement will enable SOA to analyze legal documents, offering preliminary views and comments. This feature will streamline document review processes, saving time for legal professionals and providing clarity for non-experts. The second major update focuses on delivering timely information. SOA will provide real-time updates on laws and regulations across various legal practice areas. This feature will benefit legal professionals staying current in their fields, companies navigating regulatory landscapes, and individuals seeking to understand their rights or any changes to them. By continuously improving its AI algorithms and expanding its knowledge base, SOA aims to set a new standard in accessible, reliable legal support. Whether you're a citizen seeking to understand your legal rights, a startup owner trying to navigate potential legal concerns or second opinion or a seasoned lawyer looking for a quick overview of legal update, SOA is designed to be your go-to legal AI assistant.

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"Great idea and well defined plan. Would be better if the solution was a little more specific"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor