Created by team Edulance on April 19, 2024

Edulance is an open-source project that utilizes advanced technologies such as Unstructured, machine learning models, and APIs to transform text documents and PDFs into interactive educational resources. The software accepts user-uploaded files, applies optical character recognition (OCR) for text documents, or extracts valuable content from PDFs. It then generates lessons, quizzes, and lesson plans based on the content using its Lesson Graph model and agents like LessonGenerator, LessonPlanner, OCRAgent, PdfAgent, QuizAgent, and TogetherLLM. Edulance provides an immersive learning experience, enabling effective teaching and interactive knowledge acquisition. Overall this project incorporates the following: TogetherAI's LLM Models Unstructured Partition pdf for making PDFs LLM Ready Agentic AI with state management. Features Feature Description ⚙️ Architecture Edulance is a Python-based project using FastAPI as the web framework and Uvicorn for runtime serving. The application leverages containers with Docker for deployment, installing required dependencies from requirements.txt. It utilizes libraries like LangChain, PikePDF, PyTesseract for OCR, and TogetherAI's LLM models. 🔩 Code Quality The codebase follows a modular structure with clearly defined agents and graph files, ensuring high cohesion and low coupling. Python style guides are followed consistently, including PEP8 and PEP534. There is adequate usage of comments throughout the codebase.🔌 Integrations Key integrations include Docker for deployment, LangChain libraries, TogetherAI's LLM models, Vectara for Chat. 🧩 Modularity 📦 Dependencies Main dependencies include FastAPI, Docker, Python 3.10, requirements.txt, LangChain package, PikePDF, PyTesseract, and related tools.

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