Jarvis AI Agent

Created by team Jarvis AI on August 21, 2023

Introduction: We proudly introduce Jarvis, a groundbreaking system we've developed, which revolutionizes the way tasks are approached and accomplished. Core Features: 1. Natural Programming Syntax for Jarvis. We have curated a unique YAML-based syntax for Jarvis which incorporates elements like 'If Condition', 'Loop Condition', and more. This allows Jarvis to leverage these constructs in conjunction with tools to execute tasks specified by users. Unlike traditional programming languages, Jarvis' syntax is simpler, closely mirrors natural language, and is therefore more intuitive and user-friendly. We envision that its potential extends to being integrated within Low Code platforms in the future. Compared to the reasoning and planning models of other agents, this programmability grants Jarvis unmatched flexibility. It broadens the spectrum of task paths Jarvis can explore and harness – showcasing the true power of code. 2. Skill System based on Task Execution. Given the aforementioned feature, every successfully executed task can be encapsulated as a 'skill' within Jarvis. To ensure the effective utilization and training of Jarvis, we introduce two pivotal roles: Trainers: These individuals operate within a secure environment, utilizing resources like superagi and babyagi. They act as mentors, guiding Jarvis autonomously, helping it acquire and refine various skills. Agents: These entities are equipped to employ reviewed and trained skills of Jarvis to address real-world tasks. Vision: Our aspiration with Jarvis is to bridge the gap between complex task execution and ease of programming. By harnessing the simplicity of natural language and the power of code, we aim to create a future where advanced tasks are as simple as giving a command.

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