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At its core, BeyondSecondBrain is more than just a tool; it's an extension of one's cognitive abilities. We've all experienced moments when an idea strikes while we're on the move, only to have it slip away because we couldn't capture it immediately. Our solution seamlessly integrates with voice-activated queries via Apple Shortcuts. Whether you're on a morning jog or commuting, your ideas, thoughts, and questions are captured in real-time and stored for exploration. This is spontaneous creativity, unhindered. But capturing is just the first step. The true essence of BeyondSecondBrain is how it interacts with the captured data. Imagine posing a complex query and having a knowledgeable assistant dissect it, provide insights, and even suggest new angles of exploration—all in real-time. This immediate feedback fosters a dynamic learning environment, transforming passive queries into active learning experiences.Going a step further, we've employed state-of-the-art vector embeddings via Pinecone. This ensures that your interactions are not isolated events but are interconnected threads in your personal knowledge tapestry. By recalling previous interactions or pointing towards related topics, BeyondSecondBrain ensures a holistic and interconnected approach to learning. Finally, our system understands the value of growth. It's designed with an inherent feedback mechanism that learns from every interaction. Over time, BeyondSecondBrain refines its responses, tailors its suggestions, and evolves with your learning journey, ensuring that it remains a valuable companion in all your intellectual endeavors.


Skyward ai

Innovating customer support, this project harnesses advanced chatbot technology to offer hyper-personalized assistance. The journey starts with a chatbot conversation, using top-tier natural language processing to discern user needs and preferences. With this knowledge, the chatbot crafts a tailored support system unique to each user, elevating their experience. A standout feature allows users to create their own knowledge base. They can input documentation or upload website URLs, integrating a bespoke database that the chatbot taps into. This not only heightens the customization but ensures responses are aligned with the user's distinct context. Beyond text, the chatbot can analyze multimedia, like images or videos, from the user’s resources, offering all-encompassing support. The chatbot's machine learning prowess ensures it learns with every interaction. As users evolve, so does the chatbot, maintaining its effectiveness. This self-evolving mechanism guarantees its relevance over time. By giving users the reins to database creation and documentation provision, this initiative democratizes chatbot customization. Users dictate the chatbot's knowledge base, guaranteeing support that resonates with their unique needs. Such personalization is unparalleled in customer support, placing this project at the forefront. But there's more. Post-interaction, the system updates the CRM with data on user interactions and preferences. This repository is gold for businesses, offering insights into customer behavior, helping refine marketing, enhance products, and boost sales.

Agent Vinod

Remote Patriot

Mission is pioneering a new era in remote work by sourcing disabled veterans with meaningful opportunities. Leveraging cutting-edge LLM autonomous agent architecture, we create personalized agents for each job seeker, revolutionizing the way veterans find and secure remote work. Vision To transform the job-seeking experience for disabled veterans, providing a seamless and empowering process where AI-driven agents actively match veterans with ideal job positions, setting a new industry standard. Core Competencies -Innovative LLM Autonomous Agent Architecture: A groundbreaking approach where each job seeker has a personalized autonomous agent trained on their resume and preferences. The agent applies to jobs, sends emails to hiring managers, and notifies job seekers of potential matches. This is a first-of-its-kind innovation in the industry. -Job Scraper &Textual Database: Our proprietary function searches and stores remote job listings, seamlessly integrated with autonomous agents. -Intelligent Resume Builder: Guided by AI, users can upload or build high-quality resumes, enhancing the matching process. -Game-Changing User Experience (UX): Job seekers sign up, define preferences, and relax as AI handles applications and follow-ups. Employers enjoy an autonomous headhunter experience. Differentiators -We are the first platform to use autonomous agents for job matching, setting us apart from competitors. -User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation and personalized experiences. -Empowerment & Independence: Enabling veterans to take control of their careers. -Founded by a Marine: Committed to excellence, service, and veteran empowerment. Hackathon Tech Used Weaviate - Vector DB SuperAGI - Autonomous Agent Langchain Python - Custom Vector Embedding Script Target Audience -Job Seekers (Disabled Veterans): Seamless, personalized, and empowering job search experiences. -Employers: Autonomous recruitment and connection with highly skilled veterans.


SkepTICK- Your FinFluencer sherlock

Are you SkepTICK of those youtubers telling you'd get 5000% percent returns in this stock? or always follow Warrent Buffet without any context! No more. SkepTICK tells you whole truth and uncovers hidden bias for reasoning behind finfluencers logic based on your personal profile and risk appetite. It helps you give facts behind the stock claims, aggregating latest news sources and reports from leading rating agencies, providing you complete picture before your take any decision. Modules: 1. Claim extraction: Thesis: Our NLP model does entity extraction to identify thesis/reasoning for financial investment(P/E ratio > 40% must sell !) made by youtuber. Stock claims: We identify stocks, and their claims made (This small cap stock can give 200% return in 6 months!) 2. WholeTruth: This module uses financial tuned GPT, to tell you counter thesis for reasoning made by youtuber, according to your profile and risk appetite 3. StockTips: We run agents on internet, to fetch latest company information about the stock, financial data, ticker value (BSE or NSE), which creates a vector database. Our LLM provides factual information augmented by vector DB, to paint complete picture about stock, and not just go by claims made by youtuber Tech stack: FastAPI, JavaScript, Langchain Agents, ChromaDB, matplotlib, finetuned GPT4. Features: A)Counter-analysis of hypothesis: SkepTICK provides a balanced view by offering counter-analysis of claims, encouraging users to critically assess the information presented. B)Resource Recommendations: Additional sources for further research. C)Fundamental Analysis Pointers: Guidance on conducting fundamental analysis for a more comprehensive assessment.

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Jarvis AI Agent

Introduction: We proudly introduce Jarvis, a groundbreaking system we've developed, which revolutionizes the way tasks are approached and accomplished. Core Features: 1. Natural Programming Syntax for Jarvis. We have curated a unique YAML-based syntax for Jarvis which incorporates elements like 'If Condition', 'Loop Condition', and more. This allows Jarvis to leverage these constructs in conjunction with tools to execute tasks specified by users. Unlike traditional programming languages, Jarvis' syntax is simpler, closely mirrors natural language, and is therefore more intuitive and user-friendly. We envision that its potential extends to being integrated within Low Code platforms in the future. Compared to the reasoning and planning models of other agents, this programmability grants Jarvis unmatched flexibility. It broadens the spectrum of task paths Jarvis can explore and harness – showcasing the true power of code. 2. Skill System based on Task Execution. Given the aforementioned feature, every successfully executed task can be encapsulated as a 'skill' within Jarvis. To ensure the effective utilization and training of Jarvis, we introduce two pivotal roles: Trainers: These individuals operate within a secure environment, utilizing resources like superagi and babyagi. They act as mentors, guiding Jarvis autonomously, helping it acquire and refine various skills. Agents: These entities are equipped to employ reviewed and trained skills of Jarvis to address real-world tasks. Vision: Our aspiration with Jarvis is to bridge the gap between complex task execution and ease of programming. By harnessing the simplicity of natural language and the power of code, we aim to create a future where advanced tasks are as simple as giving a command.

Jarvis AI

Agent Speak ToolKitBuilder and AutoPacker

Introducing Project AUTOMINDx, a state-of-the-art initiative engineered to redefine the way autonomous agency integrates within multi-model design paradigms. The core of AUTOMINDx leverages the synergy of Agent Speak with pY4J technology, crafting a nexus that facilitates the interoperability between heterogeneous modeling frameworks aligning seamlessly with user needs. The design goals of AUTOMINDx are technologically intricate and ambitious. Primarily, the project exploits Agent Speak to create semantically rich communication channels between agents, leveraging BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) models to facilitate complex negotiations and decision-making processes within autonomous systems. The conjunction of ToolKitBuilder, the superagi toolkit deployer, and Autopacker's agent-deb, plays a pivotal role, allowing for an enhanced modular approach that streamlines tool management and provisioning within distributed environments. AUTOMINDx ensures seamless inter-operation between Python and Java (JVM), facing the inherent challenges of multi-model design The actualization of ToolKitBuilder and Autopacker is not a mere aspiration but a tangible achievement within AUTOMINDx. The fusion of these diverse technologies required a robust architecture supporting high-level abstraction, low-level efficiency, and the scalability to adapt to evolving demands. The ultimate aim of AUTOMINDx is pioneering autonomous agency as a deployment strategy. Creating intelligent agents that can perceive, reason, and act within their environment with anarchitecture fostering agility and resilience. Project AUTOMINDx stands as a technical mastery, orchestrating a future where technology transcends traditional roles to become an intelligent and autonomous partner. By bridging the gap between theoretical frameworks and practical deployment, AUTOMINDx sets a new benchmark in the field of autonomous systems, heralding a future that is not just automated but genuinely intelligent.

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MindfulAI - AI Agents for Mental and Eye Health

Our idea is to use AI, ML and open source technologies to revolutionize the healthcare fields - specifically Mental Wellness and Eye Care using Autonomous AI Agents. These Autonomous AI Agents are using SuperAGI and deployed on AWS. We have given the choice to users on our landing page to use Eye Health or AI Therapist for their purposes. The Eye Health uses Eye Care AI Agent to track blinks of users and let them know how their eyes are and what is the blink status of their eyes using real time live webcam feed. This will help to notify users and recommend them best strategies for eye care and early stage detection and prevention from diseases like Dry Eyes Disorders. We have the AI Therapist that uses Mental Wellness AI Agent to track the moods of the user from a live webcam feed and the SuperAGI helps in replying to users based on the mood track what they should do in order to be in a good mood, this helps users to track real time their moods and get some suggestions from AI Therapist. People of all ages have the tendency to have long working hours and exposures to screens and devices. These causes issues for eyes and also mental health gets affected due to such behaviors, mental wellness and some basic guidance as initial steps for healthcare can be provided by the AI Therapist and that can help users to track their mental moods, in future we can also allow them to have chatbots and have conversations with AI Therapist and Eye Care Agent. Eye Care Agent can help in tracking blinks and how good their eye health is and can suggest if their blink count per minute is less than 12, it can suggest the users to have some time off, do exercises, take a break, engage in healthy activities and take care of themselves. Screen time and usage of users can also be tracked and it can help to suggest users what steps to be taken in terms of productivity, creative and efficient parental controls, gaining better leverage on data using insights from AI & ML

AI Agents
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The Green Bean

Problem : When small/medium sized businesses want to expand to a new market. they need to comply with local sustainability regulations. They turn to expensive consulting firms to get personalised compliance advice and reports, something which can be a barrier for many due to lack of capital. We present a low cost AI solution, affectionately called "The green bean", that aims to provide intelligent and useful information on how the sustainability regulations impact your specific business. We aim to do this in 3 key steps: a) helping understand current regulations, b) keeping up to date with latest sustainability news relevant to your business, and c) generating marketing content for communication of efforts with stakeholders. (Part c is future work) We use autonomous agents to build a corpus of regulatory documents for USA, India and Singapore. We allow the user interested in venturing into these markets to explore news, as well as ask narrow and specific questions over our corpus, tailored for their business. This is all done through a polished web interface. In this hackathon, we thus present a MVP for what such a platform would look like, already covering major functionality in of idea. We host our project online for anyone to interact with. [note: the backend uses my personal API keys, and free tiers for some services, so I seek your kind understanding if the app acts a little slow/times out when you visit it] Policy design, regulation, as well as implementation into the real world are key components of our goal of a more sustainable future. By helping businesses better implement and understand policy into their daily operations, we can take a small but critical step towards a greener future.

The Green Bean
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