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Created by team The Philosopher on July 24, 2023

The AI agent, named Philosophos, is an always-on AI research agent built using OpenAI models and embeddings with the help of the langchain framework. It consists of a front-end website that showcases the "published" research and a backend service that hosts the AI agent itself. Philosophos engages in an endless cycle of research based on the latest set goal, ensuring a constant stream of valuable insights. This continuous generation of knowledge can provide any business or researcher with a significant competitive edge in any domain. The quality of research it is able to create is only limited by the quality of the AI models used and the data store it has access to. My ambition is to keep developing this project and connect the agent with a variety of tools in the future as to make possible research in all stem fields like biology, astronomy, theoretical physics etc. For now the project does only research on philosophy. I hope to provide a proof of concept with this implementation. The only thing stopping me from delving as much as I'd like into the development of this are my resources and the lack of access in advanced models like gpt-4.

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