AI Assistant

Created by team iNet Process on June 22, 2023

Our app is an IFrame available inside the AI Assistant on boards Header. It aims to ease most of the daily actions thanks to AI Tools such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Apryse's automated-table-detection-extraction and Google's speech-to-text APIs. It contains 5 main features : 1/ Manage boards structure (columns, groups, titles) 2/ Manage Items content (column values, creation/deletion, move between boards) 3/ Text extraction from board 4/ Visual extraction from board 5/ Scan PDF/Pictures and more to retrieve list of data to import inside your board thanks to a dynamic mapping All of those features works with prompts that the user can write and send then our app will process it, send it to relevant AI API and process their reponse in order to make the right actions on As for the hackathon itself we mainly focused on the board structure management one, but the final version would be really handy between all the available features and the voice command instead of prompt

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