AI Assistant To-Do List

Created by team newbattle on June 04, 2023

Effectively, the integration of AI systems into a todo-list and task manager, to allow human-style communication and encouragement when completing tasks. Focused on the social aspect of learning and behavior management, by incorporating human-style conversations, notifications and pings as encouragement, it aims to turn todo list style apps, which for some people, specifically and especially those with neurodivergent traits, may be difficult to get started or stay consistent with. In the same vein as going to the library to study, either with friends or just to be in a working environment, having a human style interaction to help encourage to get started, evaluate why tasks aren't getting done, and to recommend potential improvements to tasks to help you work better, all while logging longterm information in conjunction with ChromaDB, would allow for truly personal conversations and notes for improvement, helping users to keep up with their tasks both short-term and long-term.

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