Claude Copilot for CLI

Created by team Team Marvin on May 31, 2023

Claude Copilot for CLI, also known as C3, is a user-friendly command line tool designed to integrate smoothly with your terminal. Powered by the Claude AI Assistant, C3 makes it easy to generate commands using natural language prompts with the `c3?` prefix. C3 is inspired by GitHub's Copilot for CLI tool. For example, you can enter `c3? list all .js files in my directory`, and C3 will provide `ls *.js`. Need to include subdirectories? Simply use the follow-up option, clarify your requirement, and C3 will adjust its output to `ls **/*.js`. Additionally, C3 enhances the command line experience by offering clear explanations of various flags and parameters for less familiar tools. To see a quick demonstration, please visit the following link:

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