ChAI Food voice assistant

Created by team Uniandes on October 16, 2022

ChAI is a food voice assistant. ChAI receives an audio file with a description of what someone would like to eat and then uses Whisper, GPT-3 and a food API to create recommendations. These recommendations are divided in two categories. In the first category, the user receives a list of recipes that adjust to their input. While the second category outputs a list of dishes from restaurants that fit their likings. To achieve this goal. The front end is a web application made with nodejs, css, javascript and html in which we record an audio telling what we would like to eat. We then use javascript to make a call to the whisper API to obtain the transcript. This transcript is then passed to the back end, which is a flask server with python, via an HTTP request. The request sends the transcript to the natural processing server, which parses the text with GPT-3 and asks a series of important questions according to items of interest associated with food. Finally, we use the answers provided by GPT-3 to call a food API that outputs recipes, dishes and restaurants that are related to the input queries.

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