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Created by team TheBrotherHood on April 19, 2024

STDLink simplifies the often confusing topic of STD education. Using advanced AI, our chatbot guides users through informative conversations, making learning engaging. We've integrated Vectara's powerful search capabilities, ensuring fast and accurate access to trustworthy information while safeguarding user privacy. Additionally, our interactive quizzes help reinforce learning in a fun way. By harnessing AI tools like Gemma 2B, Vectara, and LangChain, STDLink breaks down barriers to understanding and promotes awareness. With easy-to-understand explanations, private searches, and interactive quizzes, we're making STD education accessible and empowering for all.

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"Impressive work on STDLink! The project's approach to simplifying STD education through engaging conversations addresses a crucial need. The strong presentation effectively highlights the key features. Overall, an outstanding effort demonstrates making sensitive topics more accessible and empowering. Well done!"


Jay Rodge

LLM Developer Advocate