Typing Parrot

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Created by team UltraNoobs on June 22, 2023

Typing Parrot is an integrated AI Transcriber tool within the Monday.com platform that effortlessly converts audio into text directly within work documents. Its user-friendly interface enables users to generate written content quickly without the need for manual typing. What distinguishes Typing Parrot is its integration with OpenAI's advanced language model, allowing it to automatically handle grammatical errors. Here's how it operates: Users can access the Block menu by typing "/", then select the AI Transcriber option. This opens a modal where users can record their voice by clicking the "Record" button within Monday.com work documents. As they record, the transcription appears in real time within the modal. When finished, users can click the "Stop" button. To add the transcription to the document, users simply click the "Add to Doc" button. Typing Parrot employs advanced speech recognition algorithms to accurately transcribe the spoken content into written text. It then utilizes OpenAI's cutting-edge language model to automatically check and correct any grammatical mistakes. The final corrected text seamlessly integrates into the work document, saving users valuable time and effort. By combining audio-to-text conversion convenience with OpenAI's linguistic prowess, Typing Parrot empowers users to efficiently produce high-quality written documents without the burden of manual typing or concerns about grammar accuracy.

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