Created by team LanGo on July 30, 2023

LanGo is a conversational app created with whisper, gpt3.5, and elevenlabs to serve as a native speaker assisting English speakers in honing their French-speaking skills, while also providing French speakers an opportunity to practice their English-speaking skills. Having maintained a year-long streak of learning French on Duolingo, I have reached a commendable level of proficiency. Motivated by this, I conceptualized LanGo, aiming to facilitate frequent interactions in French for both myself and fellow French learners. Through LanGo, I can now engage in conversations with a patient native speaker who aids me in refining my speaking abilities. Presently, LanGo is exclusively accessible via Telegram, primarily due to its relatively quick development time. Nevertheless, even in its current form, the app offers a plethora of activities. Users can partake in Word Games or Phrase Games where they are prompted to translate words or phrases from English to French or vice versa. Additionally, role-playing scenarios are available, allowing users to practice speaking in their target language. For instance, you could assume the role of an English tourist while LanGo takes on the persona of a receptionist at a hotel in Paris, presenting a captivating opportunity for language practice. In the future, our plans for LanGo involve incorporating more languages and practice options, as well as making it available as a standalone app.

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"A nice presentation, showing the functionality of the solution. But, within the slides (pdf presentation) there is no clear revenue model although I liked you researched from the competitor side with a expected market size stated with a reliable source of referencing. I loved to set it in a form of working application and indeed as I love to learn languages myself but not only a necessity but its easier to communicate if ou work in a cross cultural environment. Hence, the idea has a lot of potential and looking forward to it in a finished product. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer