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In many parts of the world, women often face unique health challenges and disparities that can go unaddressed due to societal taboos, misinformation, or a lack of access to proper care. FemGPT Health Focus is a specialized, fine-tuned version of ChatGPT designed to address these issues head-on by providing empathetic, informed, and supportive responses to a wide array of female-specific health concerns. The Need for FemGPT Health Focus: Breaking the Silence: Many women hesitate to discuss intimate health issues due to cultural norms or embarrassment. FemGPT Health Focus aims to create a safe, confidential space where individuals can seek guidance and information without judgment. Raising Awareness: Health literacy is essential for making informed decisions about one's well-being. FemGPT Health Focus educates users on various female health topics, empowering them with knowledge to make better choices. Access to Information: In regions with limited healthcare access, FemGPT Health Focus acts as a valuable resource, offering guidance on self-care, early symptom recognition, and available treatment options. Empowering Women: Women's health encompasses not only physical but also mental and emotional well-being. FemGPT Health Focus provides support and advice on topics like stress management, self-esteem, and body positivity, fostering overall empowerment. Combating Stigma: By addressing sensitive issues like reproductive health, sexual wellness, and mental health, FemGPT Health Focus helps reduce the stigma around these topics, encouraging open conversations and timely intervention. Features of FemGPT Health Focus: Comprehensive Information: FemGPT Health Focus offers detailed explanations about various female health concerns, from menstrual health and pregnancy to menopause and gynecological conditions. Empathy and Understanding: This variant of GPT responds with empathy, acknowledging the emotional aspects of health challenges, and providing compassionate guidance.

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Creating a Symphony of Financial Data: Transforming Cryptocurrency Price Action into Music In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, where markets surge and plummet within moments, enthusiasts and traders have long relied on charts and graphs to visualize these price dynamics. However, imagine a world where you not only witness these market fluctuations but also experience them as a unique musical composition. Welcome to "SoundCoin," an innovative project that merges cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and creative expression to transform cryptocurrency price action into captivating music. The Vision Behind SoundCoin: SoundCoin was born out of a vision to bridge the gap between the analytical and artistic realms of cryptocurrency trading. Conceived by a team of tech enthusiasts and financial analysts, this project aims to provide a novel way for users to interact with and understand market data. Beyond traditional candlestick charts and complex technical analysis, SoundCoin introduces a sensory experience that transcends numbers and charts, making cryptocurrency trading not just informative but also enjoyable. The Impact of SoundCoin: SoundCoin transcends the conventional boundaries of financial analysis and creative expression. Here are some key aspects of its impact: - Education: Traders and enthusiasts gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics through auditory and visual means. The fusion of data and music provides a holistic perspective on price action. - Entertainment: SoundCoin introduces an element of fun and entertainment to cryptocurrency trading. Users can enjoy the creative and artistic aspects of market analysis. - Sharing Insights: The ability to export and share the created videos on platforms like YouTube extends the reach of financial insights. Users can use their unique compositions to convey their trading strategies and market observations.



Raga Music Generation Pipeline: RagaCraft Our project, RagaCraft, bridges the gap between raw human emotion and the timeless art of raga music using cutting-edge AI. Here's a deeper dive into the underlying process: Customer Interaction: Users interact with our platform, sharing their current emotions and contextual information. For example, "I am feeling romantic today. It is Valentine's Day. I'd like a song to suit the mood." JavaScript Selection: Our system, powered by JavaScript, scans the user's input to select an appropriate raga that resonates with the given emotion. OpenAI Integration: To add depth and specificity, RagaCraft sends a refined request to OpenAI: "Generate a text-to-music prompt for a single romantic raga. Include parameters such as tempo, scale, pitch, and rhythm to optimize the romantic mood. Define ideal values for these features." OpenAI's Response: The API, enriched with musical knowledge, replies with precise musical direction. For instance, "For a romantic setting, employ the Hindustani raga Kamboji. Utilize a medium-slow tempo, major scale, and a high pitch with low undertones. The rhythm should be gentle with a 4/4 signature. Dynamics can vary, with crescendos and decrescendos, ensuring a light texture and smooth timbre." Audiogen Transformation: The detailed prompt from OpenAI is fed into Audiogen, which processes it and crafts a song that encapsulates the user's emotions. Delivering the Experience: Our user interface then presents the generated raga song to the user, completing a journey from raw emotion to personalized musical expression. Through RagaCraft, we're redefining the way users experience and interact with traditional music forms in the age of AI.


Fun with my friend JARVIS

Introduction Welcome to the World of Crafting Your Own Voice Wizard 🎙️ The concept is a personalized voice assistant that bridges the gap between humans and technology using voice-text transformation with Python and the Llama API. This is a highlight to unveil the secrets behind creating an interactive and enchanting Jarvis-like assistant. Voice Recognition (Listen for Command) The Art of Casting Spells with Your Voice 🎶 Explore the wonder of voice to text and back again using Llama API as it transforms spoken words into written commands and then back to speech again. Explore and share with friends how the "listen_for_command" method creates a magical bridge between user voice and digital interaction, bringing the assistant to life. Text-to-Speech (Generating Responses with Llama) Transforming Whispers into Majestic Speech 📣 Dive into the enchanting process of converting text into lifelike speech with the Llama API. Illustrate how the "text_to_speech" method weaves text into captivating auditory experiences, adding a personalized touch to interactions. Highlight the synthesis of natural-sounding voices, bringing forth an auditory dimension that connects users with their digital companion. Enhancements and Extensions Elevate and extend your assistant's capabilities beyond voice recognition and synthesis by teasing out the limitless possibilities: from controlling devices with voice commands to infusing emotional intelligence into speech. Conclusion The transformative power of Llama API and Python create a seamless human-computer interaction and makes a easy and fun to interact with all your devices just by talking to them! Our vision of the future where voice assistants understand context, emotions, and devices, leading to more immersive experiences. We are creating new spells that redefine how we communicate with machines. Thank You and Cheers!

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PropLlama ai is a real estate platform designed to transform the daunting and intricate task of navigating the property landscape into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our platform features an intelligent chatbot that understands, remembers, and responds to your queries like a trusted friend, making it feel like you are having a meaningful conversation with a property confidant rather than just another chatbot. Additionally, our platform offers 24/7 chat support with a team of seasoned experts, personalized property searches, insightful decision-making support, comprehensive assistance throughout the property acquisition process, and meticulous legal compliance support. This includes everything from document verification to crafting customized lease agreements. With, you get convenience, speed, and accuracy at your fingertips, making it your ultimate real estate companion and doubt resolver. Say goodbye to data overload, questionable broker integrity, and the stress of legalities. PropLlama is here to guide you through it all. The core of is powered by the Llama-13b-alternative chat model(tested with Llama-70b too) and Clarifai. It enables the chatbot to understand the context of a conversation, remember previous interactions, and generate human-like responses. It can also process text data, such as property descriptions, legal documents, and news articles, to extract relevant information and provide personalized recommendations to users. Langchain Agents and LLMs- Various tools which were built using Llama and Clarifai for variety of class of queries were intergrated using Langchain agents. LangChain is a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models (LLMs) In summary, leverages advanced technologies, such as the Llama-13b-alternative chat model, Clarifai platform, Llama-70b model for testing, and Langchain agents and LLMs,

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Neurolitiks Public Policies SOP with AI agents

Neurolitiks isn't just another tool in the policy-making arsenal; it's a revolution. Imagine the daunting challenge public policy makers face daily: they're swamped with mountains of data, yet often find themselves navigating through fog when making critical decisions. This is where we come in. Our platform uses a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Expert.ia, OpenAI, Lang Chain, and Neo4j databases. One of our latest integrations is with Llama 2, an advanced machine learning model. This inclusion takes our data analytics and interpretation to another level, enabling more nuanced understandings of complex issues and faster response times. It allows us to sift through the noise and find the signals that are often invisible or incomprehensible without a powerful analytical lens. So, why is it crucial to have multiple AI capabilities? In the realm of public policy-making, problems are multifaceted and interconnected. Single-layer analysis often falls short in capturing the complexity of societal issues. Multiple AI technologies provide a multi-dimensional, more holistic view, enabling us to tackle questions from different angles and dimensions. It allows us to be incredibly precise in understanding historical patterns, detecting real-time changes, and making future projections. As we initially focus on the U.S. health and education sectors—targeting a $1.8 million market segment within a broader $100 million market—we're offering not just another analytics tool but an intelligent agent for transformative change. The combination of high-end databases and various AI models equips us to process and understand data at an unprecedented scale and complexity. With this arsenal, we're empowering public policy makers to make informed, effective, and impactful decisions like never before. Our goal is not just to provide information but to offer wisdom—turning data into actionable insights that can genuinely make a difference in people's lives.

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Image to Actionable Intelligence for Go-To-Market

Project Description: BPBot - Revolutionizing Business Planning and Go-to-Market Strategies In today's fast-paced business landscape, time is of the essence. Entrepreneurs and business leaders constantly find themselves racing against the clock to bring their innovative ideas to market and create successful go-to-market strategies. Enter BPBot, a groundbreaking solution that is set to transform the way businesses approach planning and strategizing. With BPBot, the days of spending countless hours poring over business plan templates and market research reports are over. This innovative AI-powered platform enables users to kickstart their business ventures using a single image as the foundation for an entire business plan. Imagine being able to capture the essence of your business concept in a visual representation and then effortlessly transforming that image into a comprehensive business plan. But BPBot doesn't stop at business plans. It takes your vision a step further by generating actionable go-to-market strategies. Image-to-Plan Transformation: BPBot's core functionality lies in its ability to interpret images and convert them into well-structured business plans, complete with executive summaries, market analyses, financial projections, and more. Imagine having an AI-powered model that can discern not only generic business components but also the intricacies that make your venture truly unique. With the Custom Model Building function, BPBot is equipped to provide insights that extend beyond conventional analysis. With its visionary approach to business planning and go-to-market strategies, BPBot is more than a project; it's a triumph waiting to be celebrated in the winners' circle.

Team Tonic
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Introducing Brainzy, an innovative online platform designed to enhance content comprehension and interaction. This website offers a two-fold solution to optimize information consumption. Firstly, Brainzy employs advanced algorithms to analyze webpages through their URLs, generating dynamic mind maps that visually represent the interconnected concepts within the content. This visualization aids users in grasping the structural essence of the material efficiently. Secondly, Brainzy provides succinct and coherent content summaries derived from the same webpage URLs. These summaries condense the key points and ideas, enabling users to swiftly grasp the essence of the content without delving into lengthy texts. This feature proves invaluable for time-sensitive scenarios or when dealing with copious amounts of information. Additionally, Brainzy integrates an interactive chatbot, leveraging the power of Clarifai's LLama2 AI. This chatbot not only assists users in navigating the mind maps and summaries but also responds to specific queries regarding the generated content. Users can engage in meaningful conversations, seek clarifications, and deepen their understanding through real-time interaction with the AI-powered chatbot. In essence, Brainzy redefines online information consumption by amalgamating the cognitive benefits of mind maps, the brevity of content summaries, and the interactivity of AI-driven chatbots. This synergistic approach transforms learning and comprehension into a seamless and engaging experience, catering to learners, researchers, and anyone grappling with online content.

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Reca - a real estate conversational agent

This App was created for LabLabAi's Llama 2 Hackathon with Clarifai. This conversational agent take a user's description of their ideal home and finds the best results in our database and returns a detailed description of the property. FAQ How to use App? Just describe the type of property you are looking for... User: "I am looking for a house in Vilamoura with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms" Bot: "I have found 5 properties that match your criteria. Here is the one of the properties: Townhouses in Private Complex. Located in Vilamoura. Has 3 bedrooms. Has 4 bathrooms. With a 161 m2 build area. Here is the link: (link)" User:"Please describe the property to me" Bot: "Luxury tourist resort in Vilamoura, Algarve with fully furnished apartments and townhouses, surrounded by nature reserve and close to the beach. Offers communal pool, Cafe, Kid's club, and concierge services." User: "Please show me some pictures" Bot:"Here are some photos of the property:(shows pictures)" What tech stack is being uses? The ui was built in Python using the Streamlit library. For the conversational part of the app, we are using Meta's Llama 2 through a workflow created on the Clarifai platform. We also created a demo database with information about several properties using MongoDB Atlas, but we intend on integrating a more mainstream API from a well know real estate portal, such as Idealista. How to test the APP? Follow the Github to run the project locally.

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Polisplex Gen AI for Decoding Complex Cities

Polisplexity is a groundbreaking platform focused on redefining how we understand and manage cities using open generative AI, code simulations, Virtual Reality (VR), and mathematical models. The platform excels at capturing the complexity of modern cities, which includes not only urban infrastructure but also social networks, culture, and human behavior. Our core technology leverages open generative AI to create smart agents that mimic real-world behaviors. These agents populate our code simulations, offering dynamic, insightful models of city environments. Mathematical models add structural integrity to these simulations, increasing their accuracy and predictive power. VR enhances the user experience by offering an immersive journey through these data-driven city models. Financially, Polisplexity is well-positioned in the market. We estimate a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $4 billion and a near-term Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of $16 million. Our business model includes a multi-tier subscription service catering to different stakeholders, such as planners, policymakers, and researchers, along with customized consultancy services. The societal implications of Polisplexity are significant. As cities continue to grow, so does the stress on infrastructure, social systems, and resources. Polisplexity helps mitigate these challenges by enabling accurate, data-driven policy and planning. This contributes to more sustainable resource allocation and improved quality of life. The platform also fosters social inclusion, effective governance, and cultural integration. In essence, Polisplexity aims not just to optimize cities but to make them better, more humane places to live.

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At ikigAI, we are building more than just a technological agent; we're cultivating a thriving community. Our vision is rooted in the concept of Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy of finding one's purpose. Here's how it works: Discord Community Upon entering our Discord server, users are invited to take a unique Ikigai Survey. This survey is not just a series of questions; it's a pathway to self-discovery. Role Assignment Based on their answers, users are assigned specific roles like techy, artsy, etc. These roles act as identifiers, allowing members to see at a glance others who share similar goals and passions. Building Connections Our community is designed to foster connections and collaboration. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or a tech enthusiast looking for like-minded innovators, ikigAI is your space to grow and succeed together. Meet Our Agents ikiguy: Your friendly guide and community companion. auto-ikigAI: An advanced robotic guide offering analytical insights and guidance. (Coming Soon) baby-ikigai, smol-ikigai, etc.: These future agents will be specialized tools to assist users in achieving their individual goals. A Community of Growth ikigAI is more than a Discord server; it's a movement towards understanding ourselves better and helping each other succeed in our individual missions, vocations, passions, and professions. Whether you're just starting your Ikigai journey or are well on your path, we welcome you to join us and discover the joy of living a life filled with purpose. Join us today and find your Ikigai!

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🎙️ "FeatureSage: Unveiling Tech Possibilities Through Narrative Podcasts" 🎙️ 🚀 Hey there, tech enthusiasts and dreamweavers! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey that will reshape the way you perceive tech features? 🌟 Introducing FeatureSage, the groundbreaking web app that's about to revolutionize the world of open source and proprietary projects! 🌐 What's the Buzz? In a world teeming with innovation, it's not just about knowing features; it's about unleashing their potential. FeatureSage is the brainchild of curiosity and collaboration, designed to bridge the gap between developers, users, and the features that power our digital realm. 🎧 Unlocking Narratives: Podcasts as Portals Imagine diving into the heart of real-life stories where tech features ignite possibilities! 💡 FeatureSage introduces a fresh approach to understanding features: immersive narrative podcasts. 🎙️ Listen as real developers and users share how specific features transformed their projects, unlocking a cascade of creativity and solutions. 💡 Igniting Inspiration: Sparking Endless Ideas FeatureSage isn't just about the cold facts. It's about kindling the flames of innovation, driving you to think beyond the checkboxes and code. Through our engaging podcasts, you'll hear firsthand accounts of how features sparked game-changing ideas and steered projects to new horizons. 📈 Market Differentiators That Shine 🌟 Narrative Approach: Unlike dry technical documentation, FeatureSage's podcasts breathe life into features, making them relatable and exciting. 🌟 Diverse Projects: Open source or proprietary, big or small – FeatureSage covers a kaleidoscope of projects, ensuring a broad spectrum of inspiration. 🌟 Human-Centric: We put the spotlight on the creators and users, celebrating their stories of triumph, struggle, and ingenuity. 🌟 Accessible Knowledge: Developers and users alike can dive into episodes during commutes, workouts, or downtime, making learning seamless.

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MoodTune MelodyBot

MoodTune MelodyBot: A Revolution in Musical Connection In today's fast-paced digital age, the need for genuine, human-like interactions has never been more paramount. Enter MoodTune MelodyBot, a groundbreaking AI tool that goes beyond mere algorithms and data points. It delves deep into the realm of human emotions, offering users a unique and heartfelt musical experience. MoodTune MelodyBot is not just another music recommendation engine. It's an empathetic AI companion that truly listens. By analyzing subtle nuances in a user's mood description, it captures the essence of their current emotional state. Whether you're feeling the highs of joy, the pangs of sadness, or the calm of a reflective moment, MoodTune is right there with you, understanding every beat of your heart. But what truly sets MoodTune MelodyBot apart is its design philosophy. Crafted with warmth, care, and a touch of human sensitivity, it aims to bridge the gap between technology and emotion. Every interaction with MoodTune feels personal, as if you're confiding in a close friend who knows just the right song to lift your spirits or offer solace. Moreover, MoodTune's personalized playlists are more than just a list of songs. They are a curated musical journey tailored to resonate with your feelings. Each playlist is a harmonious blend of melodies that echo your emotions, offering both comfort and connection. In a world where AI often feels cold and detached, MoodTune MelodyBot stands as a testament to the potential of technology when fused with human empathy. It's not just about listening to music; it's about feeling understood, valued, and cherished. With MoodTune, you're never alone in your musical journey. It's a symphony of technology and emotion, playing the perfect tune for every moment of your life.



VirtualCORP represents a revolutionary leap in the world of business creation and management. It's a visionary project that envisions a future where entrepreneurs and business leaders can bring their ideas to life with unparalleled ease, where autonomous agents seamlessly handle complex processes, and where compliance is not just a requirement but an inherent part of every action. At its core, VirtualCORP is a comprehensive ecosystem that leverages the capabilities of cutting-edge language models, smart contracts, and a sophisticated pipeline. This combination of technology and innovation empowers individuals and businesses to navigate the intricate landscape of business creation with confidence and efficiency. Key Components of VirtualCORP: - Agent: VirtualCORP's agents are powered by state-of-the-art language models, enabling natural and effective communication with users, other agents, and developers. - Smart Contracts: These contracts serve as the backbone of VirtualCORP, dynamically extracting compliance rules from interactions and ensuring their strict enforcement. They are the guardians of ethical, legal, and industry-specific guidelines. - The Pipeline: The VirtualCORP pipeline orchestrates the entire business creation process. It seamlessly passes information and tasks between agents, contracts, and users, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow. Benefits of VirtualCORP: With VirtualCORP handling compliance and processes, entrepreneurs are free to innovate, focusing on their core ideas and vision. Compliance Assurance: VirtualCORP ensures that every action, decision, and interaction complies with legal, ethical, and industry-specific rules, safeguarding businesses from potential pitfalls.


Echo Ai

Introducing Echo Ai: Revolutionise the way you approach meetings. Transcript Transformation with Autonomous Agents: Echo Ai redefines meeting transcripts. By employing cutting-edge autonomous agents, it doesn't just capture words; it deciphers the essence of discussions in real-time. Say goodbye to passive transcripts and welcome a dynamic understanding of your meetings. Organised Task Lists: No more post-meeting confusion about who's responsible for what. Echo Ai seamlessly organizes tasks discussed during the meeting, simplifying task delegation and tracking progress. Brief for Absentees: Team members who missed the meeting? Echo Ai has their back. It generates personalized overviews, ensuring that absentees remain informed without wading through lengthy transcripts. Actionable Follow-Up Suggestions: Keeping the momentum after a meeting is crucial. Echo Ai offers actionable follow-up suggestions, from crafting the perfect email to prioritizing tasks and scheduling follow-up meetings. Elevate your post-meeting efficiency. Curated Resources: Need to delve deeper into a discussed topic? Echo Ai provides curated resources, including links to insightful articles, best practices, and relevant case studies so that you always have the latest information when given the mic to present. Effortless Summaries: Condensing hours of dialogue into clear and concise summaries is now effortless. Echo Ai distils key takeaways, enabling you to grasp the heart of the meeting in a fraction of the time.

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Agent Speak ToolKitBuilder and AutoPacker

Introducing Project AUTOMINDx, a state-of-the-art initiative engineered to redefine the way autonomous agency integrates within multi-model design paradigms. The core of AUTOMINDx leverages the synergy of Agent Speak with pY4J technology, crafting a nexus that facilitates the interoperability between heterogeneous modeling frameworks aligning seamlessly with user needs. The design goals of AUTOMINDx are technologically intricate and ambitious. Primarily, the project exploits Agent Speak to create semantically rich communication channels between agents, leveraging BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) models to facilitate complex negotiations and decision-making processes within autonomous systems. The conjunction of ToolKitBuilder, the superagi toolkit deployer, and Autopacker's agent-deb, plays a pivotal role, allowing for an enhanced modular approach that streamlines tool management and provisioning within distributed environments. AUTOMINDx ensures seamless inter-operation between Python and Java (JVM), facing the inherent challenges of multi-model design The actualization of ToolKitBuilder and Autopacker is not a mere aspiration but a tangible achievement within AUTOMINDx. The fusion of these diverse technologies required a robust architecture supporting high-level abstraction, low-level efficiency, and the scalability to adapt to evolving demands. The ultimate aim of AUTOMINDx is pioneering autonomous agency as a deployment strategy. Creating intelligent agents that can perceive, reason, and act within their environment with anarchitecture fostering agility and resilience. Project AUTOMINDx stands as a technical mastery, orchestrating a future where technology transcends traditional roles to become an intelligent and autonomous partner. By bridging the gap between theoretical frameworks and practical deployment, AUTOMINDx sets a new benchmark in the field of autonomous systems, heralding a future that is not just automated but genuinely intelligent.

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Working App Link: The Academify project is a sophisticated web application designed to provide an interactive platform for academic research and learning. It consists of a front-end and a back-end component, seamlessly integrated to deliver a user-friendly experience. The front-end of Academify is built with React, utilizing modern JavaScript practices to create an intuitive user interface. It allows users to search for academic articles, tags, and other content. The back-end of the project is developed using FastAPI. The back-end also interacts with a vector databases to store and retrieve information, employing efficient algorithms and well-structured data models to ensure optimal performance. One of the key features of Academify is its integration with a conversational chatbot. This AI-powered agent is capable of answering queries related to academic content, providing an engaging way for users to explore and understand complex topics. The project also employs technologies such as Docker and Nginx for containerization and reverse proxying. These technologies ensure that the application can be easily deployed, scaled, and maintained in various environments. The use of CORS middleware ensures secure cross-origin communication, and the project's architecture is designed to be both robust and flexible. The Academify project represents a comprehensive solution for academic exploration and collaboration, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create a platform that is not only functional but also innovative and engaging. It embodies a vision of making academic resources more accessible and interactive, bridging the gap between researchers, students, and enthusiasts in the academic community. Whether used as a research tool, an educational platform, or a hub for academic collaboration, Academify stands as a testament to the potential of modern web development.



Competitive intelligence, sometimes referred to as corporate intelligence, refers to the ability to gather, analyze, and use information collected on competitors, customers, and other market factors that contribute to a business's competitive advantage. Competitive intelligence is important because it helps businesses understand their competitive environment and the opportunities and challenges it presents. Businesses analyze the information to create effective and efficient business practices. Utilizing autonomous agents for competitive intelligence offers a spectrum of strategic advantages. These intelligent agents, powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, enable organizations to seamlessly gather, process, and react instantaneously using complex and advanced reasoning based on Artificial Intelligence, without human intervention to vast amounts of data from diverse sources in real-time. By autonomously monitoring competitors' activities, product developments, market trends, and customer sentiments, these agents provide up-to-the-minute insights that facilitate rapid decision-making and agile strategy formulation. They minimize human bias and error while maximizing the depth and breadth of information collected, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape. Furthermore, autonomous agents excel in scalability and efficiency, enabling businesses to monitor a wide range of competitors concurrently, identify emerging opportunities and threats, and allocate resources effectively. Ultimately, harnessing autonomous agents for competitive intelligence empowers organizations to proactively adapt to dynamic markets and gain a sustained competitive edge.


MindfulAI - AI Agents for Mental and Eye Health

Our idea is to use AI, ML and open source technologies to revolutionize the healthcare fields - specifically Mental Wellness and Eye Care using Autonomous AI Agents. These Autonomous AI Agents are using SuperAGI and deployed on AWS. We have given the choice to users on our landing page to use Eye Health or AI Therapist for their purposes. The Eye Health uses Eye Care AI Agent to track blinks of users and let them know how their eyes are and what is the blink status of their eyes using real time live webcam feed. This will help to notify users and recommend them best strategies for eye care and early stage detection and prevention from diseases like Dry Eyes Disorders. We have the AI Therapist that uses Mental Wellness AI Agent to track the moods of the user from a live webcam feed and the SuperAGI helps in replying to users based on the mood track what they should do in order to be in a good mood, this helps users to track real time their moods and get some suggestions from AI Therapist. People of all ages have the tendency to have long working hours and exposures to screens and devices. These causes issues for eyes and also mental health gets affected due to such behaviors, mental wellness and some basic guidance as initial steps for healthcare can be provided by the AI Therapist and that can help users to track their mental moods, in future we can also allow them to have chatbots and have conversations with AI Therapist and Eye Care Agent. Eye Care Agent can help in tracking blinks and how good their eye health is and can suggest if their blink count per minute is less than 12, it can suggest the users to have some time off, do exercises, take a break, engage in healthy activities and take care of themselves. Screen time and usage of users can also be tracked and it can help to suggest users what steps to be taken in terms of productivity, creative and efficient parental controls, gaining better leverage on data using insights from AI & ML

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TAix - Tax Advice Agent

🎩🎩 Welcome to TAiX, your personal tax magician! 🎩🎩 Are you tired of the endless repetition of tax management tasks, the same old song and dance, month after month? 😴 Do you find manual calculations as exciting as watching paint dry, but with the added bonus of potential errors that could lead to audits and financial setbacks? 😱 And let's not even get started on the time-consuming task of tracking ever-changing regulations! 🕰️ Well, fear no more! TAiX is here to make all these problems disappear in a puff of smoke! 💨 Designed for freelancers, startups, accounting firms, expats, and anyone who just wants to do their own accounting, TAiX is the simple and effective tool you've been waiting for. 🎯 Built for the Autonomous Agents Hackathon, TAiX Agent takes invoice and tax regulations data from Weaviate index and does your accounting and tax advice for you. No more manual calculations, no more tracking regulations, just simple, automated accounting. 🤖 We've used layoutlm-invoices to extract useful information and put it into the index. And we've wrapped it all up in a beautiful Streamlit app that we're proud to expose to the world! 🌍 So, if you want to take the pain out of tax management, give TAiX a try. We promise, it's more fun than a barrel of auditors! 🥳 Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Github for more exciting updates! 🚀 Remember, with TAiX, tax doesn't have to be taxing! 🎉

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The Green Bean

Problem : When small/medium sized businesses want to expand to a new market. they need to comply with local sustainability regulations. They turn to expensive consulting firms to get personalised compliance advice and reports, something which can be a barrier for many due to lack of capital. We present a low cost AI solution, affectionately called "The green bean", that aims to provide intelligent and useful information on how the sustainability regulations impact your specific business. We aim to do this in 3 key steps: a) helping understand current regulations, b) keeping up to date with latest sustainability news relevant to your business, and c) generating marketing content for communication of efforts with stakeholders. (Part c is future work) We use autonomous agents to build a corpus of regulatory documents for USA, India and Singapore. We allow the user interested in venturing into these markets to explore news, as well as ask narrow and specific questions over our corpus, tailored for their business. This is all done through a polished web interface. In this hackathon, we thus present a MVP for what such a platform would look like, already covering major functionality in of idea. We host our project online for anyone to interact with. [note: the backend uses my personal API keys, and free tiers for some services, so I seek your kind understanding if the app acts a little slow/times out when you visit it] Policy design, regulation, as well as implementation into the real world are key components of our goal of a more sustainable future. By helping businesses better implement and understand policy into their daily operations, we can take a small but critical step towards a greener future.

The Green Bean
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Shop Fusion AI - your new shopping buddy

Meet Shop Fusion AI: Creating NextGen eCommerce Personalized Experiences Users Will Get a Feel of TheirPersonal Wardrobe Manager. Imagine stepping into an eCommerce store where Shop Fusion AI, helps browse the products. And it gives recommendations based on your preferences, the occasion you're shopping for, and even the weather in your location. It can: >> Recommend Products: Matching outfits, accessories, even advising on the right footwear for a long drive. >> Answer Queries: From styling suggestions for a summer day to personal shopping assistance. >> Manage Checkout: Seamless browsing, personalized recommendations, efficient checkout, and robust after-sale support, including changes, refunds, and more. Let's reThink the User Experience: Imagine you have a new shirt, but need matching pants and shoes for a party. Simply inform Shop Fusion AI about the event, what you have, and your preferences. Receive instant, personalized recommendations for the perfect ensemble. For Store Owners It's time to create Personalized user Checkout Experiences. Imagine you have got a running eCommerce store. You got some support staff which answers and assists the users. In day or two they also manually process customer orders. But being a human they may be tired or angry due to any reason which may impact on their dealing with customers which will result in loss and bad customer relationship. Shop Fusion AI is solution to all above and a lot more. It always greet users in a happy mood, never get tired. Answers a lot faster then normal human (using latest state of art tech (similarity based search engine, vector embedding, edge servers)). Browser products, suggest them products based on the local data where user is present (weather, culture, language), add the products to the cart. Check out for them, Send the tracking ID on their email and what's app. You can also let registered users to use the Shop Fusion AI for their daily recommendations for dressings and so on.

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MAAAM - Midjourney Art Autonomous Agent Mavens

The project, at its core, is a harmonious blend of artificial intelligence and art. Drawing inspiration from the vast possibilities of creative image generation, the idea revolves around generating artistic visuals based on textual prompts, adding a layer of randomness to ensure each output is unique. The script first derives a random word, which becomes the nucleus of the creative prompt. The prompt is further enriched by incorporating various artistic and photographic styles, techniques, and renowned artists. This randomly crafted prompt then utilises the magic of a fan made MidJourney API, thus utilising the best in breed imho platform renowned for turning text into vivid visuals. But the journey doesn't end there. The generated image is then upscaled randomly (1 of 4) using the MidJourney API, enhancing its quality and details. This not only ensures a high-resolution artwork but also introduces an element of surprise, as the upscaled version can sometimes differ in unexpected ways from the original. Understanding the significance of easy access and sharing, the project integrates with Google Drive, allowing users to save these masterpieces directly to their cloud storage. This seamless integration ensures that users can effortlessly view, share, and marvel at their generated artworks at any time. This is really just a proof of concept as applications are only limited by your imagination and creativity (and in my case sometimes my coding chops)

GPT-3.5ChatGPTGenerative Agents

WebML Assist

Elevate the realm of machine learning with "WebML Assist." This innovative project integrates the power of WebGPU and the capabilities of the "BabyAGI" framework to offer a seamless, high-speed experience in machine learning tasks. "WebML Assist" empowers users to build, train, and deploy AI models effortlessly, leveraging the parallel processing of GPUs for accelerated training. The platform intuitively guides users through data preprocessing, model architecture selection, and hyperparameter tuning, all while harnessing the performance boost of WebGPU. Experience the future of efficient and rapid machine learning with "WebML Assist." Technologies Used: WebGPU OpenAI APIs (GPT-3.5, GPT-4) BabyAGI Pinecone API (for task management) (for no-code AI components) Python (for backend) Redis (for data caching) Qdrant (for efficient vector similarity search) Generative Agents (for simulating human behavior). AWS SageMaker (for developing machine learning models quickly and easily build, train, and deploy). Reinforcement learning (is an area of machine learning concerned with how intelligent agents). Categories: Machine Learning AI-Assisted Task Management Benefits: "WebML Assist" brings together the capabilities of WebGPU and AI frameworks like "BabyAGI" to provide an all-encompassing solution for ML enthusiasts. Users can seamlessly transition from data preprocessing to model deployment while harnessing the GPU's power for faster training. The incorporation of AI agents ensures intelligent suggestions and efficient task management. By integrating AI, GPU acceleration, and user-friendly interfaces, "WebML Assist" empowers both novice and experienced ML practitioners to unlock the true potential of their projects, transforming the way AI models are built, trained, and deployed.

GPU Titans
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Storify is a cutting-edge web application that takes video storytelling to a whole new level. Designed to empower creators, influencers, and everyday users alike, Storify combines the power of artificial intelligence and innovative technologies to breathe life into your narratives. With Storify, crafting compelling video stories has never been easier. Users can seamlessly generate lip-synced videos by simply providing their story's text or importing existing content. The magic lies in Storify's AI-driven audio generation, which matches the emotions, tone, and context of the story perfectly, creating a natural and immersive audio experience. No longer confined by traditional video creation methods, Storify users can unleash their creativity and watch as their characters come to life in sync with the generated audio. The result is a visually captivating and emotionally resonant video that leaves a lasting impact on audiences. Beyond its remarkable lip-syncing capabilities, Storify also offers a user-friendly interface, making the video creation process effortless and enjoyable. Whether it's storytelling, vlogging, marketing, or social media content, Storify opens up a realm of possibilities for storytellers of all backgrounds. Storify's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology places it at the forefront of the video storytelling revolution. So, whether you're a seasoned content creator or a budding storyteller, Storify invites you to embark on a journey of boundless creativity and share your stories in a whole new way. Step into the future of storytelling with Storify today!

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Managing phone calls has long been a complex issue for individuals and businesses alike. The traditional methods are often stressful, inefficient, and disruptive, especially when dealing with high call volumes. Moreover, conventional solutions tend to be costly, ineffective, and lack the scalability needed to meet the demands of modern communication. RoboCall emerges as our innovative solution to these multifaceted challenges. Here's how it addresses each of them: Generate Natural-Sounding Responses: RoboCall integrates AI voice cloning technology from Eleven Labs, creating responses that not only understand a wide range of queries but also respond in a manner that closely mimics human speech. This AI-powered voice technology is crucial for maintaining a seamless and engaging user experience, transforming robotic interactions into natural conversations. Manage High Request Volumes: Whether it's a small business or a large corporation, RoboCall is designed to handle a significant volume of calls simultaneously. By leveraging the scalability of Eleven Labs' AI technology and robust telephony infrastructure from Twilio, RoboCall ensures efficiency and reliability. This powerful combination allows for smooth operation even during peak call times, accommodating the needs of various business sizes and industries. User-Friendly and Cost-Effective: Beyond its technological prowess, RoboCall offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for those with limited technical knowledge. The efficient use of Eleven Labs' AI technology, coupled with thoughtful design and optimization, contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the solution. This makes RoboCall not only a technologically advanced choice but also a practical and economical one for businesses seeking to enhance their communication strategies.

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AI English Tutor

This project aims to create an engaging AI English Tutor, combining the state-of-the-art natural language processing capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3.5-Turbo model with ElevenLabs's high-quality text-to-speech technology, all presented in an intuitive, accessible Streamlit interface. The tutor offers efficient learning methods to enhance English fluency, correcting users' English sentences and initiating dialogues for practice. Through the OpenAI's model, the tutor generates real-time responses to user queries and provides corrections to improve English skills. It then uses ElevenLabs's technology to generate audio responses, providing auditory reinforcement to the learning experience. The project is implemented as a Streamlit application, providing a web-based front-end that allows users to easily interact with the AI tutor. The application requests English sentences from the user, processes them with GPT-3.5-Turbo, and vocalizes the responses using ElevenLabs's API. Users have the ability to select different voices for the output, enhancing the personalized learning experience. In terms of deployment, the application uses GitHub Actions for CI/CD, allowing for continuous updates and seamless deployment. API keys are securely stored as GitHub Secrets, maintaining the security of sensitive data. Overall, this project serves as a showcase of how AI technologies can be integrated to create a comprehensive learning tool, and how they can be made accessible through intuitive user interfaces.

AI Tutor
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BlaBlaLand - your personal AI companion

A platform-agnostic, AI-powered voice interface, enabling personalized digital character creation for immersive, fun, and transformative tech interaction. We want to address a emerging problem: the quest for new ways of communication with technology, beyond the conventional keyboard input. Our goal is not only to promote the joy of discovery and product design but also to create barrier-free solutions for people, enabling user to interact with technologies such as artificial intelligence. We aim to create digital personalities and characters, ranging from fun little monsters, like our BlaBlaLand monster, to more or less familiar personalities. We see the value and importance of such digital personalities, especially in times of loneliness, as they always offer a listening ear and companionship.In addition, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of allowing users to create their own characters. Our goal is to develop a solution that allows the generation of individual, AI-supported characters that can be integrated into various systems. These characters could serve as personalized voice assistants, with individual voices, personalities, and even areas of expertise. They could be implemented in any system with an internet connection, microphone, and speaker, from cars to home assistants to mobile apps. This solution would allow users to have a truly individual user experience. They could create a voice assistant that caters to their specific preferences and needs and keep this assistant consistent across different devices. Businesses could use such individualized characters to create a unique brand experience. For example, a car manufacturer could develop a special assistant for its cars that reflects the brand image. The potential use cases have a wide range and with a subscription based app or pay-per-custom-character we see a high chance of monetizing the idea. Especially with a little animated storyteller for children.

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NurtureLullaby is a groundbreaking application designed to revolutionize the way parents share stories with their children. By harnessing the power of advanced voice cloning and text-to-speech technology, NurtureLullaby allows parents to create personalized audiobooks in their own voice. This innovative approach adds a deeply personal touch to the storytelling experience, fostering a stronger emotional connection between parents and children. The concept behind NurtureLullaby is rooted in the age-old tradition of bedtime storytelling. Stories are an integral part of childhood, serving not only as a source of entertainment but also as a tool for education and character development. When these stories are told in a parent's voice, they become even more impactful. The familiar tone provides a sense of comfort and security, making the story more engaging and the message more resonant. NurtureLullaby takes this concept and brings it into the digital age. With our application, parents can create a library of stories told in their own voice. Whether they are physically present or not, their children can listen to their stories anytime, anywhere. Using NurtureLullaby is incredibly simple. Parents just need to upload a voice sample and the text of the story they want to tell. Our advanced AI technology takes care of the rest, converting the text into speech that mimics the parent's voice. The result is a high-quality, ultra-realistic audiobook that sounds just like the parent reading the story out loud. The audiobooks created through our web can be saved and cherished for years to come, serving as a precious memento of a parent's love and care. In a world where digital technology often creates distance, NurtureLullaby uses it to bring families closer. By blending traditional storytelling with modern technology, we're helping parents create meaningful experiences for their children, one story at a time."

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Gopher Travel App

Packed with exciting games, funny jokes, and informative educational content, this app is designed to keep boredom at bay during your travels. Whether you're traversing through new landscapes or venturing familiar routes, our app ensures every journey is a joyride. Get entertained, laugh, learn, and turn travel time into an engaging and enriching experience. Make your journeys memorable with our Travel Companion App - y"Take on every adventure with the Travel Companion App, a revolutionary mobile application designed to transform the way you travel. The app serves as a reliable companion on your journeys, ensuring that every moment spent on the road, in the air, or by sea is filled with fun, laughter, and learning. The Travel Companion App packs an assortment of games tailored for various age groups, catering to solo travelers, families, or groups of friends. From brain teasers to trivia, the app offers a gamut of engaging activities to keep boredom at bay, making travel time fly by. To lighten the mood and create cheerful vibes, the app brings you an abundant collection of jokes. Whether you need a hearty laugh after a tiring day of exploration or want to lighten the mood during a long drive, our app is ready to tickle your funny bone. The Travel Companion App seamlessly integrates educational content to add value to your journeys. We believe travel is the best education, and to complement the practical knowledge you gain during your travels, the app offers insightful content on various topics. Explore geography, history, culture, and more with interactive quizzes and lessons designed to make learning enjoyable. The Travel Companion App also includes a daily feature that shares interesting facts, travel tips, and recommendations to make your journey smoother and more exciting. Discover hidden gems, local delicacies, and must-visit spots at your travel destinations with our curated recommendations.



As a fresh graduate, navigating the competitive job market can be a daunting challenge, especially when it comes to job interviews. The transition from academia to the professional world can leave young professionals feeling anxious and unprepared. That's where Job Jive comes in. Our project is a revolutionary platform designed to empower job seekers with the confidence, skills, and experience they need to excel in interviews and secure their dream jobs. Many fresh graduates, as well as other job seekers, lack practical experience and exposure to navigate job interviews successfully. They may struggle to articulate their strengths, showcase their potential, and handle interview scenarios effectively. Traditional interview preparation resources, such as online articles and generic interview question banks, may not provide the personalized training and realistic simulations required to build interview competence. Job Jive's Mock Interview fills this crucial gap by offering a comprehensive and interactive platform that caters specifically to fresh graduates, enabling them to gain the competitive edge needed to succeed in interviews. Our Mock Interview offers realistic interview simulations powered by ElevenLabs' advanced AI speech synthesis technology. Users can practice answering common interview questions and receive real-time feedback, helping them refine their responses and communication skills. Our aim is to build the confidence of our users by providing a safe and supportive environment for practice. We ensure that users receive interview questions that directly relate to their skills and experiences, maximizing the efficiency of their interview preparation. With Job Jive as their trusted ally, users can confidently embark on their professional journey, knowing that they possess the competence to shine in interviews and secure their desired job opportunities.

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Voxa AI

Introducing Voxa, the next-generation voice chatbot engineered to revolutionize customer service standards across the SaaS landscape. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, our platform transcends the limitations of traditional customer support paradigms to offer a seamless, high-quality, and exceptionally consistent user experience. Our core mission is to dramatically reduce the staggering expenses associated with traditional customer service methodologies, which have become increasingly unsustainable in today's fast-paced digital world. By choosing Voxa, SaaS companies can not only achieve significant cost savings but also effortlessly bypass common scaling roadblocks, all while maintaining unparalleled service quality. Our platform is designed to operate 24/7 and is fluent in multiple languages, thereby eradicating barriers to global accessibility. With our voicebot’s superior capacity to handle multiple inquiries concurrently, long waiting times are rendered obsolete. But what truly sets Voxa apart is its capability to go beyond simple query resolution. Our cutting-edge technology is finely tuned to engage customers in meaningful dialogues that not only resolve their concerns but also identify opportunities for product upselling, cross-selling, and retention. By converting mere conversations into tangible business growth, we provide an unmatched return on investment for our clients. Our versatile subscription model offers a range of tiered solutions, designed meticulously to cater to the unique requirements of businesses at every stage, from nimble startups to established enterprises. Looking ahead, our ambitious roadmap is filled with exciting milestones including further AI advancements, broader language support, customizable integration options, and operational scaling to meet escalating customer demands.


ReacTok - Bot in your voice for TIkTok Livestreams

ReacTok is an innovative AI Prompt Speech platform revolutionizing engagement and monetization for TikTok Creators' live streams. It empowers Creators to interact with fans through a personalized bot, portrayed by their Alter Ego, responding with the Creator's voice. This interactive mechanism enhances fans' experiences, encouraging virtual gift-sending and fostering a strong fan community. Interaction Mechanism (MVP): ReacTok offers a straightforward interaction mechanism. During live streams, fans access a web app to chat with the bot, represented by the Creator's Alter Ego. The bot responds with the Creator's voice, powered by Eleven Labs' advanced Text to Speech technology. Features and Benefits: Personalized Engagement: ReacTok provides unique responses, fostering community and loyalty among fans. Monetization Boost: The bot encourages non-gifting fans to participate and send virtual gifts, enhancing monetization opportunities. Broadened Reach: Responding in various languages, ReacTok helps Creators attract new fans globally. Customizable Alter Ego: Creators can craft a unique personality that aligns with their brand voice and values. ReacTok empowers TikTok Creators to maximize engagement and connect with their fans authentically. Join ReacTok today to let your Alter Ego interact, entertain, and collect more virtual gifts during live streams, building a thriving TikTok community!

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In an age where information consumption habits have significantly evolved, our AI-based podcast generator stands at the intersection of efficiency and engagement. With a single click, it breathes life into PDF documents, turning them into production-ready podcasts. Our tool offers significant benefits in scientific communication and education, by transforming highly technical content, such as academic papers, into easily digestible and comprehensible material. This way, complex scientific concepts and findings can be presented in a more accessible manner, bridging the gap between experts and non-experts. Researchers and educators can effectively convey their knowledge to a broader audience, fostering greater understanding and engagement in the scientific community. By simplifying intricate information, our tool empowers individuals to grasp sophisticated topics, enhancing the dissemination of knowledge and promoting a more informed society. Our process starts by reading the PDF, analyzing its structure, and understanding its context. Our AI then intelligently extracts the main topics and arguments, constructing a meaningful, audience-friendly narrative. But it's not just about the script. We implement human-like speech synthesis, built on ElevenLabs' systems. This creates a highly engaging auditory result, which is perfect for individuals who prefer to consume information audibly or wish to utilize their time effectively during commutes, workouts, etc. Our tool ensures consistency, scalability, and quality. It saves significant time and resources, lowering the need for human intervention. The end result is a high-quality podcast episode ready for immediate distribution and consumption. We believe that this podcast generator will revolutionize the way we consume written content, catering to a growing audience that values audio-based learning. With our technology, we aim to make it more accessible, enjoyable, and efficient. Join us on this exciting journey!

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Vakta Voice Bot

Vakta Voice Bot is an innovative AI application with a GUI interface, specifically developed for the visually impaired community. The project's core mission is to empower individuals with adaptive learning technology, revolutionizing the way blind people interact with technology. The name "Vakta" originates from the Sanskrit word for "speaker," symbolizing the voice bot's role as a compassionate and intelligent mentor. Key Features: Voice-activated Information (General Mode): This cutting-edge feature allows users to engage in voice-based conversations with the AI, powered by OpenAI's LLM and Eleven Lab's voice model. The AI retains context throughout interactions, responding to various voice queries, such as answering questions about capitals or definitions. Listen to your favorite book (Book mode): The voice bot can download requested books in PDF format and play them like audiobooks. Users have control over pausing and resuming playback, leveraging NLP algorithms and Google Books API for efficient search. Know the weather around you (Weather mode): Users can inquire about the weather of a specific city, receiving voice responses with accurate temperature, humidity, and wind speed information. For instance, the user can ask, "What is the weather in Delhi?" Stay Updated with the latest news (News mode): Users can request news headlines from specific categories or in general, and the AI will provide the latest updates, covering areas like Sports, Technology, Business, and more. Listen to Music or Podcasts (YouTube mode): This feature empowers users to search for and listen to songs or videos from YouTube, facilitating easy access to a wide range of content. Messaging mode : This feature allows user to send message easily to their contacts by a simple voice command. Overall, Vakta aims to foster inclusivity, effectively bridging the gap between the visually impaired community and the wealth of knowledge and resources available through technology.

Team Alpha


We're here today to introduce something groundbreaking, something that's going to revolutionize the world of podcasting. It's a product that embodies our belief that everyone has a story to tell, a voice that deserves to be heard. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Podbait. Imagine this - you have a story to tell, a message to share, a voice that needs to be heard. But you're held back. Why? Because you don't have the technical expertise, the expensive equipment, the marketing skills to create a podcast. Your voice, your story, remains unheard. But what if there was a solution? We offer end-to-end podcast creation, from scripting to voice cloning, to editing, distribution, and even monetization. Our AI crafts your ideas into a compelling script, our voice-cloning technology makes your podcast sound professional, and our editing tools ensure your podcast is a hit with your listeners. And the best part? You don't need any specialized knowledge or equipment. Podbait handles it all. That's where Podbait comes in. Podbait is your AI-driven platform for podcast creation. It's an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to create a podcast but doesn't know where to start. With Podbait, you don't just create a podcast; you create an experience. Your voice matters. Your story matters. Don't let anything hold you back. Join Podbait today and let the world hear what you have to say. Because at Podbait, we believe in the power of stories and the voices that tell them. And we're here to make sure your voice is heard.

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The VocalVerse

The Vocalverse platform allows users to chat with celebrities, video game characters, and more. Users can pick from a catalog of models to start voice chats with, then log in to save chat history and models. We wanted to create a platform where users can seamlessly talk to a large number of virtual agents, like the metaverse but with voice. We were inspired by Character AI, which fine-tunes LLMs to speak like different characters. However, the problem is these models only output text, and aren’t very engaging. Realistic voice is the next step in making AI assistants and companions mainstream, and we want to build a platform where anything is possible. The current platform is built using NextJS and Firebase and deployed on Vercel. The streaming chat is built using Vercel’s ai SDK, and the model is OpenAi’s GPT 3.5 API with a system prompt. If we are selected for the Slingshot accelerator, we have many plans to make this an epic product. This includes fine-tuning open-source models like LLAMA and Falcon instead of using GPT, adding more characters, and adding voice input. Eventually, this could be a social media platform where humans and AI agents communicate interchangeably, like Discord. We plan to have a subscription service and share the revenue with IP holders and celebrities to use their voices. Eventually, if the platform gets large enough, we can experiment with an advertising model. The problem we hope to solve is loneliness and mental health, which we predict will be a growing market. Our minimum viable segment is lonely, depressed introverts who spend on services like CharacterAI, VTubers, and OnlyFans, and mental health/therapy services. We will focus also on elderly people, who tend to be lonely and don't have many other avenues for entertainment.

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Smart decision with AI and cognitive science

Strategic Thinking Systems (STS) lies at the convergence of AI, cognitive science, spatial, web3, and voice! It facilitates the organization and communication of thoughts in the context of important, strategic decisions. It puts users in charge of their content by allowing control over what is shared and with whom, providing innovative monetization opportunities. Steve Jobs famously said the computer was like a bicycle for the brain. We contend that AI is turning it into a powerful electric bike. What is needed now are safe and smooth paths for everyone to reach their respective destinations, engage and participate in this age of abundance, and realize their full potential. Our early prototype is ready for brave beta testers who are comfortable using a still-evolving platform. We are looking for passionate individuals and forward-looking organizations to submit use cases, provide content, and help steer the vision toward a tool that will work for them. Why is voice important to our mission? First, it's a question of accessibility and inclusion. Not everybody can read and right. Second, it's a matter of communication. During this hackathon, we've implemented the multilingual model from ElevenLabs, and we were delighted by the results when we tested it with content in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and German. Third, it's a requirement, a must have to bring collaborative ideation to the metaverse, where keyboards are cumbersome at best, but mostly impractical. We believe that a great voice interface, for output and input, will be a game changer for the space of spatial experiences. Fourth, we strongly believe that a well-designed and implemented voice interface will be the key to achieve and maintain a state of flow, where your tools are not impeding nor slowing down your thoughts.

Strategic Thinking Systems

AI Meditations App

AI Meditations app empowers individuals to take control of their mental well-being and life and achieve their goals, easily through personalized meditations. Our distinct proposition lies in the mix of meditation with self-programming techniques, all powered by AI. We intend to make this app a trustworthy friend in everyone's mindfulness journey, enabling each user to create a unique meditation tailored to their specific requests. Our app includes the set of customizable features such as voice diversity, language preferences, and background music. In the future, we will add duration, more advanced music library and voice emotions. Our primary audience covers health-conscious individuals, mindfulness enthusiasts, and professionals seeking stress relief. The market potential is in favor, there are very few direct competitors, and demand for mental health boost is growing (see the slide 23 in the presentation). Our goal within one year of launch is to garner 30-50k users with an engagement rate of at least 30%. We aim for a user base comprising 85% free users and 15% paid users. Our mission is to enhance individual well-being, embodying our slogan, 'You are the director of your meditation!' On the technical front, the app is built using Python, leveraging the OpenAI API for AI functionalities and Eleven Labs' text-to-voice feature to deliver a cool meditation experience. As for a frontend, we used React to make the user interface intuitive and friendly.

AI Meditations

Viral Clips

Turn One Video Into 5 Viral Clips with Viral Clips, a revolutionary AI-powered Viral Content Generator designed to transform your YouTube videos into compelling viral content. Designed for the modern content creator, our service allows you to skyrocket your visibility across all major platforms, from YouTube to TikTok, Facebook, and beyond. The process is simple. Paste your YouTube video link into our platform and, at the click of a button, generate captivating short clips that expand your audience like never before. With our advanced AI solutions, you can elevate your impact, multiplying your video's reach by 10. This is an innovative way to create shareable content that captivates viewers and sparks excitement. By breaking down your video into engaging clips, you can harness the power of viral content to drive explosive growth. Moreover, our platform is not only about reach and engagement. It's also designed to save you precious time and effort. The AI does all the heavy lifting, creating compelling clips in record time, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters to you - creating and curating your unique content. But that's not all. With our service, you can choose between several subscription plans, all designed to cater to your unique needs. The 'Starter' plan, for instance, offers 150 minutes of video upload per month, 1080p HD rendering, and 50GB storage, among other benefits. The 'Advanced' plan expands on this, providing 500 video upload minutes monthly, 250GB storage, and additional benefits like priority support. Our AI-powered Viral Content Generator is more than just a tool - it's your partner in creating captivating content that will amplify your online presence and ignite explosive growth. Explore our solutions today and take your content to the next level!

Viral Cuts

ReacTok - Ai Agent supercharging TikTok Livestream

Introducing ReacTok|AI the groundbreaking solution for TikTok creators facing challenges that hinder their success! 🌟 🚀 Say hello to our innovative AI Agent, your loyal companion during live streams, designed to engage your fans like never before! 🤖💬 Feel the magic as your virtual assistant takes the stage, captivating your audience and igniting their excitement! 🎉 No longer worry about the struggle to go live consistently. Our AI Agent will be there, by your side, every step of the way, making your streams fun, lively, and unmissable! 💯 🎭 With a personality tailored to match yours, this Discord bot becomes an extension of yourself, interacting with your fans in a personalized and authentic manner. Your fans will be hooked, and the virtual gifts will keep flowing! 🎁💝 💬 Utilizing advanced AI technology, the agent learns from your fans' past comments, understanding their emotions and preferences, making every conversation feel special and unique. Your fans will be delighted, feeling a true connection with you in real time! 💞 ReacTok|AI is built on top of Fine-tuner.AI and Zapier and leverages the strengths of ChatGPT 3.5 API and PineCone to power a kick-ass AI Agent to truly complement your TikTok livestreams. 📈 Worried about fans not tipping with virtual gifts? Fear not! Our AI Agent employs enterprise-grade conversion techniques, gently nudging your fans to support you with their generosity. It's a win-win situation! 📣💝 🎁 Unlock the full potential of TikTok's vast library of virtual gifts! With our agent's assertive recommendations, your fans will be inspired to shower you with tokens of appreciation, fueling your success as a creator! 🔥💕 Are you ready to revolutionize your live streams and create an unbreakable bond with your fans? Together, we'll write a new chapter of success in the TikTok universe! 🌟🎉💫

ReacTok AI


With Sparktales, parents can embark on a delightful journey of storytelling customization. Through a user-friendly interface, they can effortlessly craft unique narratives tailored to their child's interests, preferences, and developmental needs. Whether it's a whimsical adventure, a heartwarming tale, or an educational story, Sparktales offers a vast library of captivating themes, characters, and settings to choose from. Using advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Sparktales assists parents in generating engaging storylines. The AI analyzes key details provided by parents, such as the child's name, age, favorite activities, and beloved characters. Leveraging this information, Sparktales dynamically weaves a personalized story that captures the essence of the child's imagination, making each literary masterpiece truly one-of-a-kind. But Sparktales doesn't stop at written stories. Recognizing the growing popularity of audiobooks, it enables parents to transform their customized tales into professionally narrated audio adventures. Sparktales employs state-of-the-art voice synthesis technology to generate lifelike voices that bring the characters and narratives to life, ensuring an immersive and engaging auditory experience for children of all ages. To enhance the storytelling experience further, Sparktales provides an array of visual customization options. Parents can choose from a rich palette of illustrations, backgrounds, and animations to complement their stories, making them visually captivating and unforgettable. These personalized touches make the storybooks and audiobooks from Sparktales an extraordinary keepsake for children to cherish throughout their lives.

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Welcome to CookPal, the food identification software created with cutting-edge technology like Vertex AI and object detection. CookPal is a cutting-edge food management program created to decrease food waste and improve user convenience. Those uncertain times when you're examining the leftover food in your fridge are over, so say goodbye to them. CookPal saves the day! You can use the phone's camera or manual text entry to identify your food products with CookPal. CookPal's cutting-edge object identification technology will do its magic as soon as you take a picture or enter the ingredients you have on hand. CookPal, however, doesn't end there. It involves more than just recognizing your ingredients. It elevates your culinary experience by giving you access to a huge library of mouthwatering recipes that are specially adapted to use the products you have on hand. There is no need to waste time browsing innumerable recipe websites or cookbooks. CookPal's recipe recommendations are only a few clicks away, saving you time and energy. CookPal invites you to try out new flavors, play around with flavor pairings, and maximize the ingredients in your pantry. It is simple to navigate and locate the ideal recipe for your culinary trip thanks to its user-friendly layout and intuitive design. So whether you're an experienced cook or a kitchen newbie, CookPal is your go-to partner for excellent meals made with products you already own. Join us in our effort to reduce food waste and create a more sustainable future with CookPal. Try CookPal today and begin on a voyage of culinary inventiveness. Your kitchen's best buddy is CookPal.

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Cohesive AI

Cohesive AI is focused on bringing cohesion back into organizations by integrating sources of data across the GTM/Engineering divide that most companies face. Masking the complexity of CRMs by transparently summarizing data from customer calls, engineering feature requests, and support tickets allows employees to focus on making customers successful and in turn driving increased revenue. All the data in a single source of truth without human intervention drives better product awareness for engineering, more accurate insights for sales leadership and ultimately brings all parts of the organization closer together. Cohesive AI starts at the Customer Story powered by a Monday AI Assistant interface which uses Generative AI to create a customer story video by leveraging GPT 3.5 to summarize all of the customer activity transcripts and create prompts for is used to create consistent background images that match the emotions and content of each phase of the customer story. Generative AI allows us to provide a wholistic overview of a customer's story in an engaging way by combining data across various systems and producing an easy to watch 10 - 20 second video set against beautiful artwork. Cohesive AI currently leverages Whisper and Monday's AI Assistant interface to summarize and diarize recorded sales calls, automatically log the transcript into Monday and extract valuable insights such as relevant feature requests and potential ACV opportunities using GPT-3.5. Once the feature requests are identified, a Pinecone database loaded with all of the feature requests in Monday is leveraged to identify similar existing feature requests and automatically attach that customer as interested. Lastly, Cohesive AI provides a Monday AI Assistant interface for Product Management to easily engage with the field by notifying all relevant account teams of an interest to interview their customer.

Cohesive AI
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Board Assistant

Board Assistant is an innovative application designed to streamline your experience with Acting as your intelligent assistant, it enhances your workflow management through its intuitive chat UI and robust AI capabilities. Here's what Board Assistant brings to the table: AI-Powered Analysis: Board Assistant leverages advanced artificial intelligence to parse and analyze your boards. It can answer any questions you have about your projects, tasks, or overall work management. It's like having your very own ChatGPT, but for Effortless Conversation Interface: The app features a chat-based user interface that makes it easy for users to communicate with their boards. Simply type in your query and Board Assistant will offer you data-driven answers in real-time. Identifying Bottlenecks: It's proficient in finding any potential bottlenecks in your projects. By identifying these issues early, you can proactively make changes to improve efficiency and prevent delays in your work. Insights and Analytics: Board Assistant not only presents you with data, it also extracts meaningful insights from it. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and gain a deeper understanding of your project's progress and team's performance. Handling Large Boards: If your boards are becoming large and complex, Board Assistant is an excellent tool to have. It can easily manage and analyze large volumes of data, ensuring that you don't miss out on any critical details. Activity Log Analysis: Besides managing your boards, the app also keeps track of your activity log. This allows you to stay updated with all the changes and developments in your work environment. With Board Assistant, you'll have a smart companion that makes your experience more productive and efficient.


Chatty Shoes

Chatty Shoes is designed with a highly responsive, scalable and robust backend, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to facilitate user-friendly online shoe shopping via natural language interactions. The backbone of the system is a serverless architecture based on Cloud Functions. This decentralised structure comprises three primary functions: Session Creation, Message Management and Information Retrieval. Session Creation: This function is responsible for initiating conversations with customers. Every conversation represents a unique session, providing the framework for interactive and dynamic dialogues. The data from these sessions, including the conversation history, is securely stored in Firestore, ensuring a persistent and seamless user experience across different sessions. Message Management: Powering the heart of the conversation is a GPT-3.5-turbo, a language model renowned for its ability to understand and generate human-like text. This feature enables Chatty Shoes to handle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) within the context of the conversation, thereby giving users instant responses to their queries. Additionally, it provides the AI agent with the ability to perform information retrieval operations on products when the system deems it necessary, making it proactive and more engaging. Information Retrieval: The last key component of the backend is the Semantic Search function, which operates over Pinecone's vectorial database. This feature enhances Chatty Shoes' product recommendation abilities by retrieving product data based on the contextual understanding of user inputs rather than merely keyword matching. This means the AI can effectively understand and respond to nuanced customer preferences, thus improving their overall shopping experience. Together, these elements synergise to create a powerful backend that underpins Chatty Shoes' mission: to revolutionize online shoe shopping by facilitating better, deeper and more intuitive conversations.

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Tropic AI

Our project tackles the urgent challenge of climate change and emphasizes the need for collective efforts. With busy schedules, it can be challenging for individuals, especially students, to find time to research the environmental impact of their actions. Misconceptions and limited knowledge can lead to unintended harm, such as incorrect recycling practices that can be worse than not recycling at all. To address this, we have developed a personalized sustainability tool. This innovative app offers fast and user-friendly assistance to help users make informed choices. It provides valuable insights into the environmental impact, feasibility, and effectiveness of various practices. Additionally, the app suggests improvements and provides additional information to guide users towards more sustainable behaviors. For example, when considering the disposal of styrofoam boxes, the app evaluates the trade-off between washing them for reuse and throwing them away, taking into account factors like water consumption and waste generation. By considering these variables, users can make more informed decisions aligned with their sustainability goals. The app goes beyond generic advice by explaining the reasoning behind recommendations, fostering understanding, and allowing users to ask questions to enhance their knowledge. It takes into consideration specific factors such as location, age group, and workload to offer tailored advice. This context-specific approach ensures that the recommendations are relevant and applicable to the users' unique circumstances.

Sustainable Initiatives
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