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Remote Patriot

Mission RemotePatriot.com is pioneering a new era in remote work by sourcing disabled veterans with meaningful opportunities. Leveraging cutting-edge LLM autonomous agent architecture, we create personalized agents for each job seeker, revolutionizing the way veterans find and secure remote work. Vision To transform the job-seeking experience for disabled veterans, providing a seamless and empowering process where AI-driven agents actively match veterans with ideal job positions, setting a new industry standard. Core Competencies -Innovative LLM Autonomous Agent Architecture: A groundbreaking approach where each job seeker has a personalized autonomous agent trained on their resume and preferences. The agent applies to jobs, sends emails to hiring managers, and notifies job seekers of potential matches. This is a first-of-its-kind innovation in the industry. -Job Scraper &Textual Database: Our proprietary function searches and stores remote job listings, seamlessly integrated with autonomous agents. -Intelligent Resume Builder: Guided by AI, users can upload or build high-quality resumes, enhancing the matching process. -Game-Changing User Experience (UX): Job seekers sign up, define preferences, and relax as AI handles applications and follow-ups. Employers enjoy an autonomous headhunter experience. Differentiators -We are the first platform to use autonomous agents for job matching, setting us apart from competitors. -User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation and personalized experiences. -Empowerment & Independence: Enabling veterans to take control of their careers. -Founded by a Marine: Committed to excellence, service, and veteran empowerment. Hackathon Tech Used Weaviate - Vector DB SuperAGI - Autonomous Agent Langchain Python - Custom Vector Embedding Script Target Audience -Job Seekers (Disabled Veterans): Seamless, personalized, and empowering job search experiences. -Employers: Autonomous recruitment and connection with highly skilled veterans.


MoodTune MelodyBot

MoodTune MelodyBot: A Revolution in Musical Connection In today's fast-paced digital age, the need for genuine, human-like interactions has never been more paramount. Enter MoodTune MelodyBot, a groundbreaking AI tool that goes beyond mere algorithms and data points. It delves deep into the realm of human emotions, offering users a unique and heartfelt musical experience. MoodTune MelodyBot is not just another music recommendation engine. It's an empathetic AI companion that truly listens. By analyzing subtle nuances in a user's mood description, it captures the essence of their current emotional state. Whether you're feeling the highs of joy, the pangs of sadness, or the calm of a reflective moment, MoodTune is right there with you, understanding every beat of your heart. But what truly sets MoodTune MelodyBot apart is its design philosophy. Crafted with warmth, care, and a touch of human sensitivity, it aims to bridge the gap between technology and emotion. Every interaction with MoodTune feels personal, as if you're confiding in a close friend who knows just the right song to lift your spirits or offer solace. Moreover, MoodTune's personalized playlists are more than just a list of songs. They are a curated musical journey tailored to resonate with your feelings. Each playlist is a harmonious blend of melodies that echo your emotions, offering both comfort and connection. In a world where AI often feels cold and detached, MoodTune MelodyBot stands as a testament to the potential of technology when fused with human empathy. It's not just about listening to music; it's about feeling understood, valued, and cherished. With MoodTune, you're never alone in your musical journey. It's a symphony of technology and emotion, playing the perfect tune for every moment of your life.



Working App Link: The Academify project is a sophisticated web application designed to provide an interactive platform for academic research and learning. It consists of a front-end and a back-end component, seamlessly integrated to deliver a user-friendly experience. The front-end of Academify is built with React, utilizing modern JavaScript practices to create an intuitive user interface. It allows users to search for academic articles, tags, and other content. The back-end of the project is developed using FastAPI. The back-end also interacts with a vector databases to store and retrieve information, employing efficient algorithms and well-structured data models to ensure optimal performance. One of the key features of Academify is its integration with a conversational chatbot. This AI-powered agent is capable of answering queries related to academic content, providing an engaging way for users to explore and understand complex topics. The project also employs technologies such as Docker and Nginx for containerization and reverse proxying. These technologies ensure that the application can be easily deployed, scaled, and maintained in various environments. The use of CORS middleware ensures secure cross-origin communication, and the project's architecture is designed to be both robust and flexible. The Academify project represents a comprehensive solution for academic exploration and collaboration, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create a platform that is not only functional but also innovative and engaging. It embodies a vision of making academic resources more accessible and interactive, bridging the gap between researchers, students, and enthusiasts in the academic community. Whether used as a research tool, an educational platform, or a hub for academic collaboration, Academify stands as a testament to the potential of modern web development.


TAix - Tax Advice Agent

🎩🎩 Welcome to TAiX, your personal tax magician! 🎩🎩 Are you tired of the endless repetition of tax management tasks, the same old song and dance, month after month? 😴 Do you find manual calculations as exciting as watching paint dry, but with the added bonus of potential errors that could lead to audits and financial setbacks? 😱 And let's not even get started on the time-consuming task of tracking ever-changing regulations! 🕰️ Well, fear no more! TAiX is here to make all these problems disappear in a puff of smoke! 💨 Designed for freelancers, startups, accounting firms, expats, and anyone who just wants to do their own accounting, TAiX is the simple and effective tool you've been waiting for. 🎯 Built for the Autonomous Agents Hackathon, TAiX Agent takes invoice and tax regulations data from Weaviate index and does your accounting and tax advice for you. No more manual calculations, no more tracking regulations, just simple, automated accounting. 🤖 We've used layoutlm-invoices to extract useful information and put it into the index. And we've wrapped it all up in a beautiful Streamlit app that we're proud to expose to the world! 🌍 So, if you want to take the pain out of tax management, give TAiX a try. We promise, it's more fun than a barrel of auditors! 🥳 Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Github for more exciting updates! 🚀 Remember, with TAiX, tax doesn't have to be taxing! 🎉

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Shop Fusion AI - your new shopping buddy

Meet Shop Fusion AI: Creating NextGen eCommerce Personalized Experiences Users Will Get a Feel of TheirPersonal Wardrobe Manager. Imagine stepping into an eCommerce store where Shop Fusion AI, helps browse the products. And it gives recommendations based on your preferences, the occasion you're shopping for, and even the weather in your location. It can: >> Recommend Products: Matching outfits, accessories, even advising on the right footwear for a long drive. >> Answer Queries: From styling suggestions for a summer day to personal shopping assistance. >> Manage Checkout: Seamless browsing, personalized recommendations, efficient checkout, and robust after-sale support, including changes, refunds, and more. Let's reThink the User Experience: Imagine you have a new shirt, but need matching pants and shoes for a party. Simply inform Shop Fusion AI about the event, what you have, and your preferences. Receive instant, personalized recommendations for the perfect ensemble. For Store Owners It's time to create Personalized user Checkout Experiences. Imagine you have got a running eCommerce store. You got some support staff which answers and assists the users. In day or two they also manually process customer orders. But being a human they may be tired or angry due to any reason which may impact on their dealing with customers which will result in loss and bad customer relationship. Shop Fusion AI is solution to all above and a lot more. It always greet users in a happy mood, never get tired. Answers a lot faster then normal human (using latest state of art tech (similarity based search engine, vector embedding, edge servers)). Browser products, suggest them products based on the local data where user is present (weather, culture, language), add the products to the cart. Check out for them, Send the tracking ID on their email and what's app. You can also let registered users to use the Shop Fusion AI for their daily recommendations for dressings and so on.

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