StableCode-Instruct-Alpha-3b API Implementation

Created by team Coffee2code on August 25, 2023

Welcome to the "StableCode Instruct API," where coding and AI unite. Our mission is clear: empower developers with StableCode Instruct Alpha 3b's brilliance. Seamlessly integrating its power opens the door to advanced coding suggestions for all projects, big or small. Our vision stretches further. Imagine our API embracing hackathon projects and beyond. Envision a VSCode extension that turns Flask/ngrok into an API key, an open-source alternative to Copilot. Ambitious? Yes, and we're poised to realize it. Meta's Codellama collaboration? It's a glimpse into a future of intuitive, innovative, and accessible coding. Join us in reshaping the coding landscape. The "StableCode Instruct API" isn't just code; it's about rewriting accessibility's rules, forging an AI-infused future. Embrace innovation, one API call at a time.

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