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DishForge is an innovative AI-powered application revolutionizing cooking experiences by seamlessly merging AI capabilities with culinary artistry. It harnesses Llama 2's natural language processing and Clarifai's computer vision, resulting in an unparalleled recipe generation experience. Users interact with DishForge through a user-friendly interface, inputting the desired type of meal or beverage, their preferences, dietary restrictions, available ingredients, and cooking appliances. Llama 2 processes these inputs to create coherent and personalized recipes. Simultaneously, Stable Diffusion presents the ingredients visually, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the recipe components and the dish visuals. DishForge addresses practical challenges in meal planning by going beyond being just a recipe generator. It caters to users seeking kitchen convenience by considering preferences, available ingredients, and time constraints. The app's ability to generate recipes tailored to dietary needs, ingredient availability, and cooking resources enhances its value proposition, making it perfect for various culinary skill levels. What sets DishForge apart is its holistic approach to recipe generation. By combining Llama 2's language understanding and generative and recognition image models, it provides a comprehensive culinary solution. The app's ability to generate recipes in diverse formats, visualize ingredients, and accommodate specific preferences positions it as an innovative tool that promotes creativity and experimentation in the kitchen. In summary, DishForge represents the cutting-edge fusion of AI and culinary expertise. It showcases a deep understanding of Llama 2 and Clarifai's capabilities, resulting in a solution that transforms recipe generation, meal planning, and culinary exploration. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recipes, DishForge sets a new standard for AI-driven kitchen innovation.

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You may have come accross plenty of projects where autonomous agents are integrated into computers. Often, these agents are equipped with limited tools, restricting them to interfacing with your emails, Excel sheets, or a codebase. But what if we gave these agents with tools to interact with the real world in the form of robots? Inspired by this idea, we embarked on a mission to embed an autonomous agent into one of today's most prevalent commercial robots: drones. And we decided to call it Drona, short for drone agent, and also inspired by the most intelligent teacher in Indian mythology: Dronacharya. On a basic level, Drona is a drone control software that replaces keyboards and gaming joysticks with natural language commands. However, more ambitiously, it introduces a pivotal new component to be integrated in every robot: an "emotional brain", enabling it to interpret and even empathize with the user based on conversation. We'd like to highlight Drona’s utility in two domains: agriculture and disaster relief. For the farmer, Drona means convenience. Drones can be directed to monitor crop health, pest infestations, or irrigation levels, using simple, native language commands. The once complex process is now as straightforward as chatting with a friend." In disaster relief, time is of the essence. Through Drona, relief workers can promptly deploy drones, making them search inaccessible areas, deliver vital supplies, or establish communication. With multilingual support, on-the-ground collaboration becomes easy, irrespective of geography."



At ikigAI, we are building more than just a technological agent; we're cultivating a thriving community. Our vision is rooted in the concept of Ikigai, the Japanese philosophy of finding one's purpose. Here's how it works: Discord Community Upon entering our Discord server, users are invited to take a unique Ikigai Survey. This survey is not just a series of questions; it's a pathway to self-discovery. Role Assignment Based on their answers, users are assigned specific roles like techy, artsy, etc. These roles act as identifiers, allowing members to see at a glance others who share similar goals and passions. Building Connections Our community is designed to foster connections and collaboration. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or a tech enthusiast looking for like-minded innovators, ikigAI is your space to grow and succeed together. Meet Our Agents ikiguy: Your friendly guide and community companion. auto-ikigAI: An advanced robotic guide offering analytical insights and guidance. (Coming Soon) baby-ikigai, smol-ikigai, etc.: These future agents will be specialized tools to assist users in achieving their individual goals. A Community of Growth ikigAI is more than a Discord server; it's a movement towards understanding ourselves better and helping each other succeed in our individual missions, vocations, passions, and professions. Whether you're just starting your Ikigai journey or are well on your path, we welcome you to join us and discover the joy of living a life filled with purpose. Join us today and find your Ikigai!

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At its core, BeyondSecondBrain is more than just a tool; it's an extension of one's cognitive abilities. We've all experienced moments when an idea strikes while we're on the move, only to have it slip away because we couldn't capture it immediately. Our solution seamlessly integrates with voice-activated queries via Apple Shortcuts. Whether you're on a morning jog or commuting, your ideas, thoughts, and questions are captured in real-time and stored for exploration. This is spontaneous creativity, unhindered. But capturing is just the first step. The true essence of BeyondSecondBrain is how it interacts with the captured data. Imagine posing a complex query and having a knowledgeable assistant dissect it, provide insights, and even suggest new angles of exploration—all in real-time. This immediate feedback fosters a dynamic learning environment, transforming passive queries into active learning experiences.Going a step further, we've employed state-of-the-art vector embeddings via Pinecone. This ensures that your interactions are not isolated events but are interconnected threads in your personal knowledge tapestry. By recalling previous interactions or pointing towards related topics, BeyondSecondBrain ensures a holistic and interconnected approach to learning. Finally, our system understands the value of growth. It's designed with an inherent feedback mechanism that learns from every interaction. Over time, BeyondSecondBrain refines its responses, tailors its suggestions, and evolves with your learning journey, ensuring that it remains a valuable companion in all your intellectual endeavors.


Jarvis AI Agent

Introduction: We proudly introduce Jarvis, a groundbreaking system we've developed, which revolutionizes the way tasks are approached and accomplished. Core Features: 1. Natural Programming Syntax for Jarvis. We have curated a unique YAML-based syntax for Jarvis which incorporates elements like 'If Condition', 'Loop Condition', and more. This allows Jarvis to leverage these constructs in conjunction with tools to execute tasks specified by users. Unlike traditional programming languages, Jarvis' syntax is simpler, closely mirrors natural language, and is therefore more intuitive and user-friendly. We envision that its potential extends to being integrated within Low Code platforms in the future. Compared to the reasoning and planning models of other agents, this programmability grants Jarvis unmatched flexibility. It broadens the spectrum of task paths Jarvis can explore and harness – showcasing the true power of code. 2. Skill System based on Task Execution. Given the aforementioned feature, every successfully executed task can be encapsulated as a 'skill' within Jarvis. To ensure the effective utilization and training of Jarvis, we introduce two pivotal roles: Trainers: These individuals operate within a secure environment, utilizing resources like superagi and babyagi. They act as mentors, guiding Jarvis autonomously, helping it acquire and refine various skills. Agents: These entities are equipped to employ reviewed and trained skills of Jarvis to address real-world tasks. Vision: Our aspiration with Jarvis is to bridge the gap between complex task execution and ease of programming. By harnessing the simplicity of natural language and the power of code, we aim to create a future where advanced tasks are as simple as giving a command.

Jarvis AI


Competitive intelligence, sometimes referred to as corporate intelligence, refers to the ability to gather, analyze, and use information collected on competitors, customers, and other market factors that contribute to a business's competitive advantage. Competitive intelligence is important because it helps businesses understand their competitive environment and the opportunities and challenges it presents. Businesses analyze the information to create effective and efficient business practices. Utilizing autonomous agents for competitive intelligence offers a spectrum of strategic advantages. These intelligent agents, powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, enable organizations to seamlessly gather, process, and react instantaneously using complex and advanced reasoning based on Artificial Intelligence, without human intervention to vast amounts of data from diverse sources in real-time. By autonomously monitoring competitors' activities, product developments, market trends, and customer sentiments, these agents provide up-to-the-minute insights that facilitate rapid decision-making and agile strategy formulation. They minimize human bias and error while maximizing the depth and breadth of information collected, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape. Furthermore, autonomous agents excel in scalability and efficiency, enabling businesses to monitor a wide range of competitors concurrently, identify emerging opportunities and threats, and allocate resources effectively. Ultimately, harnessing autonomous agents for competitive intelligence empowers organizations to proactively adapt to dynamic markets and gain a sustained competitive edge.


TAix - Tax Advice Agent

🎩🎩 Welcome to TAiX, your personal tax magician! 🎩🎩 Are you tired of the endless repetition of tax management tasks, the same old song and dance, month after month? 😴 Do you find manual calculations as exciting as watching paint dry, but with the added bonus of potential errors that could lead to audits and financial setbacks? 😱 And let's not even get started on the time-consuming task of tracking ever-changing regulations! 🕰️ Well, fear no more! TAiX is here to make all these problems disappear in a puff of smoke! 💨 Designed for freelancers, startups, accounting firms, expats, and anyone who just wants to do their own accounting, TAiX is the simple and effective tool you've been waiting for. 🎯 Built for the Autonomous Agents Hackathon, TAiX Agent takes invoice and tax regulations data from Weaviate index and does your accounting and tax advice for you. No more manual calculations, no more tracking regulations, just simple, automated accounting. 🤖 We've used layoutlm-invoices to extract useful information and put it into the index. And we've wrapped it all up in a beautiful Streamlit app that we're proud to expose to the world! 🌍 So, if you want to take the pain out of tax management, give TAiX a try. We promise, it's more fun than a barrel of auditors! 🥳 Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Github for more exciting updates! 🚀 Remember, with TAiX, tax doesn't have to be taxing! 🎉

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The Green Bean

Problem : When small/medium sized businesses want to expand to a new market. they need to comply with local sustainability regulations. They turn to expensive consulting firms to get personalised compliance advice and reports, something which can be a barrier for many due to lack of capital. We present a low cost AI solution, affectionately called "The green bean", that aims to provide intelligent and useful information on how the sustainability regulations impact your specific business. We aim to do this in 3 key steps: a) helping understand current regulations, b) keeping up to date with latest sustainability news relevant to your business, and c) generating marketing content for communication of efforts with stakeholders. (Part c is future work) We use autonomous agents to build a corpus of regulatory documents for USA, India and Singapore. We allow the user interested in venturing into these markets to explore news, as well as ask narrow and specific questions over our corpus, tailored for their business. This is all done through a polished web interface. In this hackathon, we thus present a MVP for what such a platform would look like, already covering major functionality in of idea. We host our project online for anyone to interact with. [note: the backend uses my personal API keys, and free tiers for some services, so I seek your kind understanding if the app acts a little slow/times out when you visit it] Policy design, regulation, as well as implementation into the real world are key components of our goal of a more sustainable future. By helping businesses better implement and understand policy into their daily operations, we can take a small but critical step towards a greener future.

The Green Bean
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Shop Fusion AI - your new shopping buddy

Meet Shop Fusion AI: Creating NextGen eCommerce Personalized Experiences Users Will Get a Feel of TheirPersonal Wardrobe Manager. Imagine stepping into an eCommerce store where Shop Fusion AI, helps browse the products. And it gives recommendations based on your preferences, the occasion you're shopping for, and even the weather in your location. It can: >> Recommend Products: Matching outfits, accessories, even advising on the right footwear for a long drive. >> Answer Queries: From styling suggestions for a summer day to personal shopping assistance. >> Manage Checkout: Seamless browsing, personalized recommendations, efficient checkout, and robust after-sale support, including changes, refunds, and more. Let's reThink the User Experience: Imagine you have a new shirt, but need matching pants and shoes for a party. Simply inform Shop Fusion AI about the event, what you have, and your preferences. Receive instant, personalized recommendations for the perfect ensemble. For Store Owners It's time to create Personalized user Checkout Experiences. Imagine you have got a running eCommerce store. You got some support staff which answers and assists the users. In day or two they also manually process customer orders. But being a human they may be tired or angry due to any reason which may impact on their dealing with customers which will result in loss and bad customer relationship. Shop Fusion AI is solution to all above and a lot more. It always greet users in a happy mood, never get tired. Answers a lot faster then normal human (using latest state of art tech (similarity based search engine, vector embedding, edge servers)). Browser products, suggest them products based on the local data where user is present (weather, culture, language), add the products to the cart. Check out for them, Send the tracking ID on their email and what's app. You can also let registered users to use the Shop Fusion AI for their daily recommendations for dressings and so on.

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Healthy People

Introducing "Healthy People" - Your All-in-One AI-Powered Wellness Companion Discover a new era of holistic wellness with "Healthy People," a visionary no-code app developed by Buzzy AI. Seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT-4, this remarkable app redefines the way you approach health and self-care, without any technical barriers. Key Features: 1- AI-Personalized Workouts: Revolutionize your fitness routine. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, "Healthy People" tailors workout plans to your unique goals, fitness level, and preferences, ensuring you make the most of every session. 2-Guided Meditation: Find tranquility in the chaos of life. Immerse yourself in guided meditation sessions that cater to your mood and needs. Let AI-powered relaxation techniques soothe your mind, reducing stress and fostering mental well-being. 3-Nutrition Planning: Fuel your body for success. "Healthy People" provides comprehensive meal planning assistance, suggesting nutritious options tailored to your dietary preferences and health objectives. 4-Literary Escapes: Feed your mind with a curated selection of long-form books available right within the app. 5-No-Code Simplicity: Experience technology without complexity. With a user-friendly interface, "Healthy People". Progress Tracking: Stay motivated with visible results. Track your fitness progress, meditation consistency, and even reading achievements. Interactive Guidance: Execute workouts and meditation techniques accurately. Interactive visuals and instructions ensure you perform exercises and mindfulness activities correctly, maximizing their benefits. Community & Sharing: Join a thriving community of individuals striving for wellness. Share your accomplishments, exchange wellness tips, and find inspiration in the collective journey toward healthier living. Elevate your well-being with "Healthy People" - a comprehensive, AI-integrated app that encompasses workouts, meditation, nutritious meals, and literary enrichment.

AI Health Solutions

ReacTok - Bot in your voice for TIkTok Livestreams

ReacTok is an innovative AI Prompt Speech platform revolutionizing engagement and monetization for TikTok Creators' live streams. It empowers Creators to interact with fans through a personalized bot, portrayed by their Alter Ego, responding with the Creator's voice. This interactive mechanism enhances fans' experiences, encouraging virtual gift-sending and fostering a strong fan community. Interaction Mechanism (MVP): ReacTok offers a straightforward interaction mechanism. During live streams, fans access a web app to chat with the bot, represented by the Creator's Alter Ego. The bot responds with the Creator's voice, powered by Eleven Labs' advanced Text to Speech technology. Features and Benefits: Personalized Engagement: ReacTok provides unique responses, fostering community and loyalty among fans. Monetization Boost: The bot encourages non-gifting fans to participate and send virtual gifts, enhancing monetization opportunities. Broadened Reach: Responding in various languages, ReacTok helps Creators attract new fans globally. Customizable Alter Ego: Creators can craft a unique personality that aligns with their brand voice and values. ReacTok empowers TikTok Creators to maximize engagement and connect with their fans authentically. Join ReacTok today to let your Alter Ego interact, entertain, and collect more virtual gifts during live streams, building a thriving TikTok community!

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PTCharlie - AI Physiotherapy Case Study Generator

PTCharlie is a web application that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate customized physiotherapy case studies on demand. Students or clinicians simply input parameters like patient age, background, and specialty area. PTCharlie's AI algorithm then produces a comprehensive case study covering history, examination, assessments, diagnosis, goals, interventions, and outcomes. The app mimics the reasoning and documentation skills of experienced therapists to create realistic, nuanced studies tailored to the user's needs. Key benefits include saving educators time developing cases, providing students with relevant scenarios to reinforce skills, increasing engagement through vivid audio recordings, and improving clinical decision-making abilities. By leveraging AI for robust case creation, PTCharlie aims to enhance physiotherapy education. The tool reduces the burden on instructors to create studies from scratch while providing learners with simulations to augment classroom and textbook learning. PTCharlie unlocks the potential for unlimited personalized practice opportunities to elevate clinical skills. The problem it solves: Difficulty creating compelling case studies, lack of engagement with textbook examples, need to improve clinical reasoning skills How it works: Users input patient details, AI generates full case study covering assessments, diagnosis, interventions etc. Key benefits: Saves educators time, provides students realistic examples, reinforces clinical skills, increases engagement



Resuminate is an innovative project designed to facilitate the job search and application process. The tool operates as a Chrome extension that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to extract job IDs from LinkedIn. It subsequently redirects these IDs to a React application that employs LangChain and GPT-4 artificial intelligence models to comprehend and interpret the skill requirements embedded within the job description. This detailed analysis is then made available to the users, helping them to understand better the essential skills demanded by the potential employers. Beyond the skill analysis, Resuminate offers a unique feature that enables candidates to identify the skills they might be missing for a particular job. By allowing users to upload their resumes, the system, through its powerful AI models, compares the skills mentioned in their resumes to those specified in the job description. In doing so, it highlights the skill gaps that might need filling. This not only optimizes the job application process but also supports the personal growth of the candidates by providing targeted areas for improvement. Another key feature of Resuminate is the use of LangChain and GPT-4 based chatbot for mock interviews. Once the candidate uploads their resume, the AI-based chatbot conducts an interview simulation, asking questions relevant to the job and assessing the candidate's preparedness based on their responses. This tool aids candidates in preparing for real interviews and builds confidence by offering a safe environment for practice. In summary, Resuminate combines cutting-edge AI technology with user-friendly interfaces to provide a comprehensive tool that streamlines the job application process. By identifying essential skills, revealing skill gaps, and offering mock interviews, it helps candidates to refine their resumes, better understand job requirements, and confidently prepare for interviews, enhancing their overall job search experience.


Remote-how AI II

Remote-how AI is a revolutionary tool designed to optimize the remote work experience. Born out of a need to make remote work audits more accessible and less time-consuming, our tool leverages artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive assessments of remote work readiness for individuals and teams. Previously, we conducted remote work audits for numerous clients, a service valued at $16,000. While these audits were incredibly beneficial, they were also time-consuming and not easily accessible to a wider audience. We saw an opportunity to automate this process and make it more widely available. Enter Remote-how AI. Our tool conducts a thorough evaluation of your remote work habits and setup, providing a score that reflects your readiness for remote work. But it doesn't stop there. Remote-how AI also provides personalized recommendations to enhance your remote work practices, based on your unique needs and challenges. Moreover, our tool offers industry-wide benchmarking, allowing you to compare your remote work practices with those across different industries, countries, and professions. This feature provides valuable insights into global remote work trends and helps identify areas for improvement. Available 24/7 and capable of understanding and responding in 35 languages, Remote-how AI is like having a professional mentor at your fingertips. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your remote work experience or a team seeking to optimize your remote work practices, Remote-how AI is your partner in navigating the remote work landscape.

Remote-how AI
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Prompt Consultant

In the rapidly progressing world of large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4, the art of crafting effective prompts is crucial for harnessing their potential. However, the dynamic nature of LLM research presents a challenge: keeping up with the continuous influx of new prompting techniques. This is where our project, the "Prompt Consultant", steps in. The Prompt Consultant aims to guide users in generating more effective prompts, not by having them chase the latest research, but by leveraging the power of the LLMs themselves. We exploit the LLM’s capacity to assimilate the best prompting resources and provide insights for improving prompts. The challenge is that LLMs, due to their static training data, are not aware of the latest prompting tricks. Our solution is to use in-context learning, incorporating the most recent prompting resources directly into the prompt. Anthropic's long-context API is a critical component of this endeavor. It's impractical to train a new model every time a new prompting method emerges, and the versatility of user queries makes common vector search methods insufficient. The long-context API allows us to include extensive relevant prompting information directly in the context. Our proof-of-concept demo uses the latest resources from, embedding them in the model’s context. Users can then consult our bot, implemented on Anthropic’s Claude-v1.3-100k model, to enhance their prompts. Our preliminary results show promise, indicating LLMs' potential to stay in step with rapid advancements in their field. In essence, the Prompt Consultant bridges the gap between the rapid progression of LLM research and practical, effective usage of these models. By leveraging the LLMs themselves, we aim to make these technologies more accessible, democratizing the benefits of AI research. Our project foresees a future where anyone, regardless of their expertise, can generate high-quality outputs from these models through optimized prompting.

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AI Trading App

Introducing a game-changing, AI-powered trading app designed for the contemporary investor. Whether you're looking to build a tailored stock portfolio or explore AI-led strategies, our platform provides the perfect solution. Explore these cutting-edge features: - **ChatGPT-Driven Strategy:** Effortlessly buy and sell stocks through a sophisticated AI strategy powered by ChatGPT. Trading is now intuitive like never before. - **Sentiment-Based Trading:** This unique feature bases stock purchases on the tone of news headlines, adding an extra dimension to your trading strategy. - **Community Sourced Strategies:** Tap into collective wisdom with proven trading strategies imported directly from established financial communities. - **Replicate Winning Strategies:** Mirror the strategies employed by prosperous funds and top-tier investors to grow your wealth. - **Performance Comparison:** Measure the success of your strategies against major indexes, successful funds, or each other. Our platform, already integrated with Alpaca, is looking forward to partnerships with Degiro and more. We're also expanding into crypto trading with integrations like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken on the horizon. Initially launching in US markets, we aim to expand into other stock and crypto markets for a global trading experience. As a tech-first, socially responsible company, our platform resonates with digital natives familiar with Robinhood, Uber, and Netflix. Committed to promoting socially responsible investments, we pledge to support environmental and social projects. Embrace the future of trading. Your wealth, your way.

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ThinkATive offers several key features: 1. Confidential and Non-Judgmental Environment: The AI counseling platform creates a safe space where individuals can openly express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment or stigma. 2. Personalized Counseling Sessions: Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, the AI system can analyze users' responses and provide tailored counseling sessions based on their unique needs and circumstances. 3. 24/7 Availability: Recognizing that mental health issues can arise at any time, the AI service is accessible round-the-clock, allowing individuals to seek help whenever they need it, even outside traditional working hours. 4. Multilingual Support: The AI platform is equipped with language capabilities that cater to diverse linguistic backgrounds, ensuring that individuals from different communities can access the service in their preferred language. 5. Resource Recommendations: The AI system can suggest relevant resources, such as articles, videos, or self-help materials, to supplement counseling sessions and empower individuals to continue their personal growth and healing. 6. Referral Assistance: In cases where additional support is necessary, the AI service can provide referrals to local mental health professionals or community organizations, ensuring individuals receive appropriate and specialized care. By combining the convenience and scalability of AI technology with empathetic and compassionate support, this AI-powered psychological counseling service strives to bridge the gap in mental health care for marginalized populations, promoting well-being, resilience, and inclusivity.

Anthropic ClaudeGPT-4


ETHOS - Evaluating Trustworthiness and Heuristic Objectives in Systems - is a groundbreaking project that addresses the critical issue of AI alignment. As AI continues to evolve and become increasingly sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly clear that alignment is one of the most significant challenges we face in developing this technology. Unaligned AI has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to society and humanity as a whole. ETHOS is an API that provides a solution to this problem. It is designed to evaluate the trustworthiness and heuristic objectives of AI systems, from language models to autonomous agents and chatbots. The API allows for the real-time adjustment of responses, ensuring that AI systems remain aligned with the goals of humanity. The need for AI alignment is becoming more urgent as AI systems become more prevalent in our daily lives. These systems are used in everything from social media algorithms to self-driving cars, and they have the potential to impact many different aspects of our lives. If these systems are not aligned with our values and goals, they could cause significant harm. One of the most significant threats posed by unaligned AI is the potential for these systems to become adversarial. Adversarial AI is a form of AI that is intentionally designed to cause harm. This could take the form of cyberattacks, data breaches, or even physical harm to individuals or infrastructure. Adversarial AI could also be used to manipulate public opinion, disrupt democratic processes, or sow discord and chaos. ETHOS provides a way to mitigate these risks by ensuring that AI systems are aligned with their intended purpose. By evaluating the trustworthiness of AI systems, ETHOS can detect when an AI system is deviating from its intended purpose and adjust its responses in real-time. This can prevent AI systems from becoming adversarial and ensure that they are working in the best interests of society.


Karma AI

AI has transformed the art world with its potential for innovation and self-expression. One of the most exciting innovations in this space is the emergence of AI art generator apps. However, these apps often require text prompts, presenting a barrier for some users. One of the major challenges that users face with AI art generator apps that require text input is the issue of accessibility. Not everyone is able to type, either due to physical disabilities or other reasons. This can make it difficult or even impossible for some users to access the full range of creative possibilities offered by these apps. Karma AI aims to address this problem by providing a more user-friendly and accessible interface. By eliminating the need for text input and replacing it with a few simple clicks, Karma AI makes it possible for anyone to create beautiful, unique artwork using AI technology. This is particularly important for individuals who may face barriers to traditional forms of artistic expression, such as those with physical disabilities or other challenges. Another challenge that users face with text-based AI art generator apps is the difficulty of generating high-quality prompts. Even for individuals who are able to type, coming up with a creative and inspiring prompt can be a daunting task. With Karma AI, users can take advantage of the power of GPT, which is trained to generate high-quality prompts that are tailored to the user's preferences and interests. Overall, Karma AI represents a significant step forward in the development of AI art generator apps that are both accessible and user-friendly. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology and eliminating the need for text input, it offers a powerful tool for artists and creative individuals everywhere.

Karma AI
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TechnoForge Automotive

Technoforge Automotive is a company that specializes in car design using the latest and most advanced technologies. It uses Stable Diffusion, GPT, and Segment Anything to create a powerful and efficient platform for designing cars. Stable Diffusion is an innovative and cutting-edge technology that allows designers to create high-quality and realistic images of cars using natural language inputs. It uses the open-source state-of-the-art text-to-image model to generate art using natural language. This technology is essential for creating realistic images of cars that can be used for various purposes, such as marketing and advertising, product design, and research and development. GPT is a natural language processing technology that helps designers communicate their ideas. It interprets user inputs, making it easier for designers to express their ideas in natural language. GPT is critical in ensuring that the car design tool is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling designers to communicate their ideas quickly and easily. Segment Anything is another technology used by Technoforge Automotive, which is a new task, model, and dataset for image segmentation. It enables designers to segment any object in the image, allowing them to manipulate and modify the image as needed. By using Segment Anything, designers can make changes to the design quickly and easily, ensuring that the final product is optimized for performance and efficiency. By utilizing Stable Diffusion, GPT, and Segment Anything, Technoforge Automotive can help designers create innovative and unique car designs that are optimized for performance and efficiency. These technologies work together to create a powerful and efficient platform for designing cars, ensuring that designers have all the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

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GPT Vectorized Embeddings Bot Template that can be used to sell embedding templates and services to customers. (sorry out of time ill edit it if I can) Search Mode: Vectorize the prompt to find the most relevant embeddings Selects the 5 most relevant embeddings using Open AI's Embeddings API and Supabase Displays these 5 results as passages with links to the sources. All data must first be vectorized using Open AI's Embeddings API and stored in a database compatible with embeddings. Chat mode: Finds the 5 most relevant embeddings to the query using Open AI's Embeddings API and Supabase - just like Search mode. Injects the 5 embedded passages to the prompt and use prompt engineering to instruct the GPT-4 API how you want the response to be formatted. For example, AnneAI's prompt is engineered to give an informative answer with direct, sourced, references to the provided passages. Another example is PlatoAI, where the prompts are engineered to respond with a multi stage dialogue between Plato, Socrates and the user. Potential Applications: PlatoAI and AnneAI are just the beginning. Two other ideas I wanted to get going but didn't have time to finish yet are DogAI and BabyAI - handle questions about dogs or babies and get advice from the top books in their fields and give references similar to AnneAI. AnneAI and PlatoAI were used to create an easy-to-edit template for starting new embedding projects. I can use this template to offer an embedding bot creation and data scraping/vectorization/embedding service. I can also offer the template to developers. Pricing of the service would depend on the amount of data, how it needs to be formatted, and how well it is already formatted. Could offer other services like Prompt Engineering, Image Generation, regularly updating embeddings for podcasts/blogs/books/inventory additions/whatever the client needs.

The AI-ndividualist


Our project aims to improve the academic performance of undergraduate students in their first cycles, helping them to adapt to the academic environment and develop effective study skills. To achieve this, we have created an innovative platform that integrates artificial intelligence technologies, such as GPT-4 and Whisper, to offer a series of tools that facilitate the learning process. The tools offered by our platform include automatic transcription of lectures, which allows students to access the information presented in a more accessible way; summary generation, which helps them understand and retain essential information from lectures; and personalized learning paths, which guide students to the most appropriate resources and activities for their individual needs. In addition, our platform provides research and writing assistance, which facilitates the completion of high-quality academic papers. All of this helps to reduce the stress and frustration associated with adjusting to the university environment and improve study skills, which in turn translates into better academic performance. In the $5.76 billion grade app market, our solution has great potential to revolutionize the way students deal with academic challenges. Moreover, being aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4, our project also contributes to improving the quality of education and promoting academic success in a broader context. We are currently seeking support and investment to incorporate GPT-4 and Whisper into our platform and optimize it, thus ensuring that our solution is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology and has an even greater impact on the lives of university students.

Smart Notes Learn Better Fast