RAGtag Customer Service Assistant

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Created by team RAGtag Code Jammer on November 09, 2023

the goal for this hackathon was to built Vectara to search and fetch and enable users to ask whatever they want from it then its also feeded to a chatbot like hugchat and clarifai to do analytics and give them context for the user experience and user activities. making customer's life's easier. I used , Streamlit & Vectara & Clarifai. Unfortunately i time was short and i didn't have any teammates to expand my idea , further i wanted to add telegram chatbot to the mix so i could give notifications and pass information to customers easily without wasting their time. i was thinking to integrate a personal customer chatbot to suggest the customers what to buy from the shop according to multiple factors and different types of customers. like each would be different if student,developer,parents,kids , etc.

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