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Created by team PsychGENGPT on January 20, 2024

ResearchWriterGPT: An Advanced Multimodal Research Paper Writing Assistant" is an innovative project designed to revolutionize academic writing. It combines the language and vision capabilities of GPT-4 with Clarifai's advanced AI tools to assist in drafting research papers. The tool is adept at processing both textual and visual data, ensuring comprehensive coverage from abstract creation to conclusion formulation, all in APA format. The project stands out for its integration of multimodal capabilities, including image and chart scanning, and analysis. It provides direct access to prominent academic databases like Google Scholar and Arxiv, streamlining the literature review process by aggregating and filtering relevant information. Furthermore, the tool enhances user experience by supporting interactive dialogues, including audio interaction, and allows for PDF analysis and conversion. Its innovative GPT-4 Vision feature broadens the application scope by enabling detailed image analysis, including reading texts and interpreting charts from various sources like research photos and medical images. In addition, the integration of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) with Clarifai creates a vast knowledge base, processing over 1.7 million STEM articles from ArXiv for quick, contextually relevant responses. This system not only supports efficient document management but also advances AI interaction for academic research. The technology backbone of ResearchWriterGPT includes GPT-4 Turbo for text generation, GPT-4 Vision for image processing, DALL-E API for image generation, and Clarifai’s RAG system for enriched data handling. Future expansions envision incorporating advanced Clarifai models for face sentiment analysis and object detection, predictive bibliography features, and comprehensive writing support covering all aspects of a research paper.

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"Good Job team! your app have the power to provide.a lot of value for academics. good luck"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green