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Created by team devraftel on August 19, 2023

Meet Shop Fusion AI: Creating NextGen eCommerce Personalized Experiences Users Will Get a Feel of TheirPersonal Wardrobe Manager. Imagine stepping into an eCommerce store where Shop Fusion AI, helps browse the products. And it gives recommendations based on your preferences, the occasion you're shopping for, and even the weather in your location. It can: >> Recommend Products: Matching outfits, accessories, even advising on the right footwear for a long drive. >> Answer Queries: From styling suggestions for a summer day to personal shopping assistance. >> Manage Checkout: Seamless browsing, personalized recommendations, efficient checkout, and robust after-sale support, including changes, refunds, and more. Let's reThink the User Experience: Imagine you have a new shirt, but need matching pants and shoes for a party. Simply inform Shop Fusion AI about the event, what you have, and your preferences. Receive instant, personalized recommendations for the perfect ensemble. For Store Owners It's time to create Personalized user Checkout Experiences. Imagine you have got a running eCommerce store. You got some support staff which answers and assists the users. In day or two they also manually process customer orders. But being a human they may be tired or angry due to any reason which may impact on their dealing with customers which will result in loss and bad customer relationship. Shop Fusion AI is solution to all above and a lot more. It always greet users in a happy mood, never get tired. Answers a lot faster then normal human (using latest state of art tech (similarity based search engine, vector embedding, edge servers)). Browser products, suggest them products based on the local data where user is present (weather, culture, language), add the products to the cart. Check out for them, Send the tracking ID on their email and what's app. You can also let registered users to use the Shop Fusion AI for their daily recommendations for dressings and so on.

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