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Created by team AI on June 04, 2023

Deep Dive is an innovative academic exploration tool, designed to bridge the gap between disciplines. Created for a hackathon, this web app integrates the Claude API—an advanced Large Language Model, the Mathpix API for math interpretation, and the intuitive Streamlit platform. Deep Dive's unique feature is its ability to convert PDFs into LaTeX format using Mathpix API. This function enables the understanding of mathematical expressions, tables, and formulas, creating a game-changing experience in academic paper navigation. The heart of Deep Dive is its customizable depth of understanding slider. Users from all backgrounds can select a comprehension level ranging from a basic understanding (level 1) to a detailed, technical understanding (level 3). Consequently, a computer science major can grasp a biology paper, and vice versa. Once users input their paper and select the comprehension level, Deep Dive employs Mathpix and Claude APIs to generate a detailed summary tailored to the chosen depth of understanding. Users can ask questions about the paper, with the app producing answers matching the comprehension level. For brevity, responses can be condensed via a checkbox. Deep Dive also includes an interactive multiple-choice quiz designed using the Claude API. These quizzes adapt to the chosen depth level, providing instant feedback and explanations for correct answers. In essence, Deep Dive democratizes academic content, making interdisciplinary learning more accessible and engaging through its mathematical comprehension, customizable summaries, Q&A, and quizzes. It's a milestone in academic research tools, transforming learners into active participants in the global knowledge community.

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"Maintaining academic engagement in today's technology-driven world can be a challenge, as students often feel disconnected and lack motivation. Your project offers a promising solution to this issue by providing engaging content that captures students' interest and keeps them focused on various subjects. I believe Deep Dive has the potential to make a significant impact in educational institutions by fostering a renewed sense of engagement and curiosity among students. Best of luck with your project, and I am excited to see the positive changes it brings to the academic landscape!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green