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Created by team C3LABS on June 21, 2023

This tool allows users to customize a fictional character as per their imagination, they can customize their character's ethnicity, gender/sex, age, and profession. These characteristics will be used to generate a cartoon portrait of a person with those traits with mid journey's text-to-image generation. These characteristics will also be used to generate a persona for a chatbot that the user can interact with and talk to their imaginary character. The project consists of two components, a web app that is built using NextJs which uses midjourney/stable diffusion to generate the cartoon portrait. 2nd part consists of a langchain backend server that provides the functionality for the chatbot which modifies itself according to the user's generated persona for the portrait. The personality traits are sent as parameters to the chat backend and then passed to a prompt for gpt powered chatbot, thus enabling seamless chat functionality. The sole idea behind the project is to launch an NFT collection with cartoon portraits with whom users can talk to. This project is a basic proof of concept for the ultimate goal. Right now we have developed a mechanism for users to interact with their art described along with their personality traits.

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