CV Profile Generator for Marketing Professionals

Created by team Knowledge Harvesting on July 07, 2023

Objective: Address the needs of marketing professionals for a succinct, efficient, and effective CV Profile - a concise encapsulation of their work activities and workstyle. Utilize AI21's generative AI technology for this task. Develop a unique prompt using a chain-of-thought approach, allowing marketing professionals to quickly create a personalized CV profile. This solution streamlines the updating process of a CV profile. As professionals grow and their skill set diversifies, they can edit their work activities and work style, paste the prompt, and swiftly generate an updated profile. The key advantage of our solution is speed and efficiency. It removes the tedious process of data sourcing, cleaning, and repetitive trial-and-error prompt creation, providing a high-quality output quickly.

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"Nice idea! I like the execution would have preferred less moving around during the presentation to not confuse the person who's trying to understand the project. Other than that good work!"


Skander Karoui

Data Science and AI enthusiast || ICT Engineer

"Love the explanations and the process of walking us through the entire process of how you guys came up with the idea to getting data sets and then implementing the idea on your data set. I only wish we had a demo where we could actually put the technology to use ourselves. But i think it has great business value and originality to the idea. I wish you guys the best of luck!"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor