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Created by team KIKIYO on May 27, 2023

AI Interview Assistant is an artificial intelligence platform that automates the interview process. Candidates provide initial criteria like role and experience. The system then generates a customized interview with multiple follow-up questions for each answer. Through progressive Q&A, AI Interview Assistant assesses candidates thoroughly. After the final round of questions, the system produces an interview analysis and suggestions for candidates to improve their performance. User feedback also helps the AI learn and optimize its interview skills over time. AI Interview Assistant saves time and resources by handling the initial screening and shortlisting of applicants. The personalized nature of the interviews also leads to a better experience and more accurate match between candidates and opportunities. With its ability to understand language and evaluate qualities beyond basic qualifications, AI Interview Assistant aims to transform the hiring process through enhancements in both efficiency and efficacy.

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"Very interesting idea! The interview process can be challenging for many, and your project aims to provide guidance and maximize the chances of success in job interviews. It's a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate this process more effectively. Best of luck with your project!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green