Thumbnail AI Summarize and Cover Generation

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Created by team AI Explorers on July 23, 2023

Introducing Thumbnail-AI: the app that seamlessly summarizes the content of YouTube videos also creating Related Cover images relevant to the video . With Thumbnail-AI, repurposing your video content for a wider audience has never been easier. Utilizing advanced AI technology, Thumbnail-AI transcribes your videos accurately and preserves the original style and tone. The result? Engaging summarize which can be further converted into small podcast generates images using DALL- E and stable diffusion. Simply input the YouTube video link, and Thumbnail-AI does the rest, saving you time and effort. It will be useful foe competitor analysis, further transform into images that are related to context and can be your cover photo of your Youtube video. Next advancement will be the hashtags to be used and suggestion given by AI to add in the Youtube video description.

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"Impressive combination of AI technologies. Additional personalization could help distinguish this application from similar YouTube summarization applications."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student