Created by team Wicebot on June 02, 2024

I have created a Slack bot named Wicebot with various functionalities. Once installed, users select their sector, such as software or real estate, for a tailored experience. When users mention @Wicebot, it answers questions or replies to conversations. If a file is uploaded with the mention, Wicebot analyzes it and answers related questions. The bot includes a Summarize action to format text for threads or messages. It can create speech and transcripts from selected messages using an AI model from OpenAI and convert text-to-speech and vice versa. It also generates images from one-line descriptions using GPT-4 and DALL-E. Wicebot has shortcuts for code completion and code conversion between languages. It translates text between languages and creates multilingual speech. The bot includes sentiment analysis to understand the emotional tone of messages and a live search feature that refines internet search results with GPT-4. It provides stock analysis based on intraday trends and market news, offering real-time insights for investment decisions. Users can submit expenses directly from Slack, which are processed through the Concur API. Wicebot can tweet on behalf of users via Twitter integration. Additionally, Wicebot features a travel planner that creates detailed schedules based on user input. It also offers customer service, where users can provide a reason, email, and an image of a laptop for AI-based analysis to determine the next step: refund, replacement, or human interaction. Lastly, it can generate beautiful PowerPoint presentations from one-line descriptions. As a future idea, Wicebot aims to evolve into a web app functioning as a workflow builder tool, allowing users to create their own bots and use automation tools as commands or shortcuts. It will also support platforms like Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Webex Teams.

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"wow, if this really works as you said in ppt. i couldn't try your demo and see if it is true or not. but it is really impressive to have such a bot which can revolutionize businesses. go for startup now. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"Cool application of tech and in so many different areas. I like the PPT function, but i believe the output can be better. Great job!"


Nate Rundberg

lablab NEXT

"This is amazing! There are so many possible use cases with this application. It would have been great to see what your team envisions for this product"


Mihir Chouhan

lablab NEXT Program Manager