Language Matchmaker

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Created by team Polyglot Searchers on March 17, 2023

Language Matchmaker is an app that aims to help language learners find conversation partners who share their interests and language proficiency levels. The app will use Cohere's multilingual semantic search technology to analyze user profiles and match them with other users who have similar interests and language skills. Users will create a profile on the app where they can specify their native language, target language(s), and interests. The app will then use Cohere's technology to identify commonalities between users and present them with a list of potential conversation partners. The Qdrant technology will be used to rank the matches based on similarity and provide recommendations for the best matches. Once a match is made, users can schedule a virtual conversation through the app and practice their language skills with their partner. The app will also provide conversation prompts based on the users' interests to facilitate the conversation. We highlighted the unique features of the app, such as the use of Cohere and Qdrant technologies to match users based on shared interests and language proficiency, and the ability to schedule virtual conversations through the app. You can also discuss the potential use cases of the app, such as for language learning, cultural exchange, or making new friends from different parts of the world. For the app development, we will use programming languages like Python that integrates the Cohere and Qdrant APIs.

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