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Created by team Aix on February 23, 2024

Create interactive quizzes dynamically with all type of Questions, and immediately get personalised feedback & learning path for each attempted question. The Problem: Traditional quiz systems are outdated, limiting, and time-consuming. Students find quizzes monotonous, with limited MCQs question types, no feedback for quiz attempt while instructors spend hours crafting quizzes or manually grading them. This monotony leads to disengagement and inefficiency in the learning process. Our Solution: We have developed a Quiz GPT System to Generate & Attempt Quizzes, Quiz Answers Evaluation and Feedback System. Aix offers: Quiz Generation: Give learning material & Utilize advanced AI to generate diverse quizzes, including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), FreeText, and Coding Questions, offering a refreshing variety. Interactive Quiz Taking: Take Verbal or Text Quizzes with a Multi Modal Supervisor keeping eyes on student. Effortless Grading: Bid farewell to manual grading. AIX assesses responses, and use Gen AI to evaluate open ended and coding questions and freeing up valuable time for instructors. Personalized Evaluation: Our Evaluation GPT provides personalized feedback on each question, offering tailored resources to enhance understanding and mastery of concepts. Adaptive Learning for All Students: Students can signup and generate Quizzes for Practice. Customize quizzes to suit individual learning styles and pace. Aix adapts its question generation and difficulty levels based on student's performance, promoting personalized learning experiences.

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"Good idea, many educational institutes will need it, in near future, all education services will use it. continue working on it and make your business plan a reality. good luck."


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