Created by team Multimodal Vertex Parole on July 10, 2023

Writing scientific articles goes brrrrrr... with our newest copilot application for LaTeX called LatexAI. LatexAI is powered by Google's PaLM and is focusing on helping the writing process of technical and scientific articles. During ideation we have identified 3 core functionalities that could help our users boost both effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Those functionalities are: 1. Autocompletion working both for natural language (text) and LaTeX syntax. 2. Suggestions for citations and assistance in creating a bibliography. 3. Conducting a comprehensive review of the paper. We believe that by providing and improving those 3 functionalities we can provide a lot of value to our users. There is also a lot of things planned for further development but what we want to focus on is rolling our product as beta and acquiring users' feedback as soon as possible. Then our further development will be driven by addressing our users' feedback.

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"Great idea and implementation of the technology. But your business research really surprised me, and even though its an AI hackathon, I always appreciate the efforts that goes into thinking about its business applicability. But that being said its still a unique solution. For constructive feedback I would recommend being able to have extensions on other IDE's beyond github, along with like you said, integrations from Grammarly. Great work."


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor

"good work, i really liked your future plans also"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor