Enterprise Voice Customer Service Solution

Created by team dodoai on July 09, 2023

Large American corporations like United Airlines take millions of customer calls especially during holiday seasons when there are large amounts of delays. Current voice assistant in their customer service only makes me angry every time and I always yell “talk to an agent” at the first most moment. An intelligent voice customer service solution powered by LLMs and AI will have the following value propositions and competitive advantages: 1) improve efficiency in processing customer requests with intelligence. It could handle much more tasks than the current ones and redirect sophisticated to the right department in a much higher accuracy. For a break of high demand in rebooking during holiday seasons, the intelligent assistant could integrate with the booking system and scale much better than call centers. This could save large enterprises billions of dollars while improving customer satisfactions. 2) Currently there are a lot of products that help small businesses to automate a text chatbot. Voice customer service is a much more personal experience and saves customers from texting. Large enterprise is also a much more lucrative market. The revenue model could be a large installation fee for us to help integrate the system into the enterprise system, and a small service fee based on the quantity of services going forward.

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