Polisplexity Creating AI Gen Simulated Cities

Created by team Hadox Human Networks on October 09, 2023

Polisplexity: Pioneering City Evolution with Innovative Technologies. We're not just urban planners; we're city makers and testers. Our platform harnesses AI, mathematical modeling, and immersive VR/AR for dynamic city simulations. Technological Innovation: Our AI-driven simulations provide real-world insights, from infrastructure to social dynamics. Mathematical modeling ensures comprehensive analysis. Immersive Decision-Making: With VR/AR, stakeholders step inside their policies, witnessing impacts firsthand. This immersive approach revolutionizes urban evolution. Innovative Business Model: Polisplexity's business model encompasses subscriptions, education, technology licensing, and a user-generated model marketplace. Target Market: We engage urban planners, architects, developers, researchers, and enthusiasts. Our platform fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange, reshaping cities for the future. Polisplexity leads city evolution. Join us in crafting vibrant, inclusive cities, where decisions are data-driven, and communities actively shape their future.

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"amazing idea with high business value. we just need to see it in real and see how cities will look like after using this application"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"The idea is fascinating making it easier for researchers and policymakers in making for urban and city planning in numerous dimensions. The business potential is huge for this idea, but I would love to see it in action. All the best for the future. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer