Efa event feedback Assistant

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Created by team LabGurus on March 24, 2024

WHAT Efa is the ultimate solution to collect event feedback at large scale and generate precious analysis of the attendee's experience. With our interactive, gamified questionnaire, say goodbye to the tedious task of form filling. Efa effortlessly captures attendee sentiments at scale, providing event organizers with valuable insights. WHY Because every feedback counts in order for you to do better at your next event. Also because only a machine can process over 1000 complex interaction and provide insights in a glimpse. HOW As simply as 1, 2, 3 : Tell Efa what is your event, she'll generate a tailored questionnaire for the guest and create a QR code for them to scan. When they are leaving your event, the attendees simply scan the QR code and start to chat with Efa who capture their sentiments. Efa then automatically produce a dashboard, allowing you to get an accurate and tailored view on what was good & what should or must be improved.

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