Heuristic AI

Created by team Heuristic AI on March 17, 2023

Heuristic AI brings browsing your Slack chat histories into a new dimension. Fueled by Qdrant vector search engine and the Generative model of Cohere, Heuristic.ai extracts the context from your question and matches it with your chat messages to elaborate the answer. Forget keywords and chats scrolling. We give you the answer and the source message in seconds! Vision: to enable people to find answers to any questions in their digital experience. Mission: to bring browsing chat histories to a new dimension How it works: 1. The user write normal query with the structure we have “hai, setup” or “hai, question” 2. Ngrok forward queries from slack_api to the Amazon server 3. Here, we evaluate the query to take action: - Setup from the sentence <hai, setup> or a sentence which contains hai and setup - Search: from the sentence that contains only the word hai - None, if the message sent in slack is a normal message 4. here we have two scenarios: - in the case of the setup action, we retrieve all the messages from all the channels, then encode them using co.embed prepare to be ready to store in Qdrant vector database - in the case of the search action, we encode the user query to retrieve the first 5 relevant messages from the conversations, then extract the answer to the user query from the first message retrieved using co.generate 5. Qdrant is the vectors search engine that allows us to store our vectors and to search on them. 6. Then lastly, the extracted answer is sent to the user.

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"Really great idea and use of Qdrant vector search engine and Cohere's generative model. This tool has the potential to save a lot of time for Slack users who frequently search their chat histories, making it a valuable asset for businesses"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Nice integration tool for tools validated with a high Total Addressable Market Size. Would love to see some further applications including a chat like feature within each of these tools to further ask questions and get context-specific answers "


Naman Parikh