Intelligent Health Assistant

Created by team MASTERS on March 26, 2023

Intelligent Health Assistant is a groundbreaking app that utilizes AI technology to help patients with their symptoms before they see a doctor. The app records symptoms in a 10-second timeframe and transcribes them using Whisper API to store them in a file. The app then uses ChatGPT API to check the history of previous inputs, outputs, and current input, and then analyzes the symptoms and compares them to a vast database of medical information to identify potential illnesses and conditions. The app is designed to guide people who do not prioritize going to a doctor or who feel worried about their symptoms, and advise them on the urgency of their symptoms. This app can help reduce the number of patients who ignore medical symptoms, as well as help identify potential illnesses and conditions in their early stages.

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"I feel like i dont get the product. Why would i use this as opposed to any other health tech app. It also seems like a cumbersome process to record a response when you might as well just google. Also, the application demo does not work."


Simon Olson


"Idea is great, although I recommend looking at succeeding applications. There's opportunities for improvement. A confidence score outputted from the ai model could ensure accuracy. "


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student