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Created by team Visionary 4o on June 02, 2024

The idea is to develop streamlit app enables you to engage in interactive conversations with arXiv, a vast repository of scholarly articles, using GPT-4o. With this RAG application, you can easily access and explore the wealth of knowledge contained within arXiv. Problem Statement: Researchers and academics often struggle to quickly understand the vast number of papers published on ArXiv. ArXiv is an open-access repository for research papers in fields like physics, mathematics, and computer science, allowing researchers to share preprints before peer review. It promotes rapid dissemination and accessibility of scientific knowledge. Solution: Our web application leverages GPT-4 to provide concise summaries and explanations of ArXiv papers based on user prompts. Features Engage in conversational interactions with arXiv Access and explore a vast collection of research papers Utilize OpenAI GPT-4o for intelligent responses

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"Good work. Next time, give some focus to the market and it's potential also. "


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