Vakta Voice Bot

Created by team Team Alpha on July 29, 2023

Vakta Voice Bot is an innovative AI application with a GUI interface, specifically developed for the visually impaired community. The project's core mission is to empower individuals with adaptive learning technology, revolutionizing the way blind people interact with technology. The name "Vakta" originates from the Sanskrit word for "speaker," symbolizing the voice bot's role as a compassionate and intelligent mentor. Key Features: Voice-activated Information (General Mode): This cutting-edge feature allows users to engage in voice-based conversations with the AI, powered by OpenAI's LLM and Eleven Lab's voice model. The AI retains context throughout interactions, responding to various voice queries, such as answering questions about capitals or definitions. Listen to your favorite book (Book mode): The voice bot can download requested books in PDF format and play them like audiobooks. Users have control over pausing and resuming playback, leveraging NLP algorithms and Google Books API for efficient search. Know the weather around you (Weather mode): Users can inquire about the weather of a specific city, receiving voice responses with accurate temperature, humidity, and wind speed information. For instance, the user can ask, "What is the weather in Delhi?" Stay Updated with the latest news (News mode): Users can request news headlines from specific categories or in general, and the AI will provide the latest updates, covering areas like Sports, Technology, Business, and more. Listen to Music or Podcasts (YouTube mode): This feature empowers users to search for and listen to songs or videos from YouTube, facilitating easy access to a wide range of content. Messaging mode : This feature allows user to send message easily to their contacts by a simple voice command. Overall, Vakta aims to foster inclusivity, effectively bridging the gap between the visually impaired community and the wealth of knowledge and resources available through technology.

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