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Created by team Dynamic n Caticii on August 22, 2023

StudySensei plans to be an all in one study tool. It combines the best parts of human and AI knowledge to create a course scheduler that keeps in mind the time you want to study for, and when you what to complete the course. For now, it is based on notion. Our current demo is made with GPT 3.5, Weaviate and Notion API. // You can paste your course details (modules, chapters, lessons/video length and data) and our AI will calculate it for you. This will be displayed on the dedicated notion page. // As well as this, we decided to experiment with Weaviate and create a premature course finder using vector searching. You can see the results in console. // It is to be noted that all of this technology is premature and we would train our own model in future development. // Our future developments may include website/application for this app, a chatbot to help you schedule more tasks and a more sophisticated scheduler that can handle multiple courses.

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